Monday, July 25, 2011

Circle of Life Stories

It’s been awhile.  Friends keep asking . . . “Why haven’t you updated your blog”.  I don’t really have an answer.  “I will soon”.

The last few months have been busy and I have had lots of stories to tell.  I took a trip to New York and Amish Country with sister and a friend.  We stayed in an apartment in Harlem and since my sister paid for the apartment, I was able to 4 days on less than $200.  We had so much fun, saw everything, even my nephew’s basketball tournament.  I returned obsessed with the Amish  Lots of stories.  None of which made it to the blog.

Zack_Arbor GraduationMy kids have had lots of changes in their lives.  My son graduated from Massage Therapy School and I am so proud of him.  It has been so hard for him to get to this place in his life and I am overjoyed that he completed the courses and is paying for it himself.  But I couldn’t manage to put it into words here.

My daughter has quit her job to move to another state but hasn’t moved yet.  She has a new boyfriend and temporarily moved back home.  She has had many “learning experiences” in the last few months and probably will over the next couple of months.  I never could decide if I wanted to share my parent’s perspective and ultimately I didn’t.

I have people in my life who are going through things that I thought I wanted to “discuss”, work has been crazy and there have been lots of personal growth and challenges to overcome and I have a torn meniscus in my knee which will require surgery in August.  But I haven’t shared any of this.

Until today.  What brought me back to my blog?  A Circle Journal.  What is a Circle Journal?  It’s a small blank book that you write in and add pictures then send to another person so they can do the same.  That person either sends it on to someone else or back to the person it came from.

I received one today.  It’s a Circle Journal I gave to my sister for Christmas in 2003.  We mailed it back and forth a few times between January and July of 2004 when it got set aside during a busy time at my sister’s house.  We both forgot about it.  Then, a few days ago, she found it.  Without saying anything, she put some pictures of my Dad’s wedding in it, wrote a short entry, and put it in the mail.  I got it today.

I sat in my big comfy pink chair this evening and read through the entries.  It was just random stuff that was going on at the time, mostly stuff I had forgotten long ago.  Little bits of our lives, not really anything important but one memory led to another memory that, at the time, we had no idea was to come.  The pictures made me realize how much our kids have changed and grown.  The entries were written before my mom died.  We had no idea how different our lives would be in the next year.

It made me want to write.  My blog is a little like that journal.  Little bits and pieces of our lives that we want to remember whether I know it now or not.  So it’s time to write again.