Sunday, July 25, 2010


stop sign crop
I read several blogs that are written by moms.   Depending on the age of the children and the desire for their privacy, the bloggers use various tactics to discuss activities with their children or grandchildren.  Some use the child’s name, some just say daughter or son, some use the child’s age (the six year old, the 13 year old), while others give them fictitious and funny names such as Thing 1 and Thing 2 or Scooby Snacks.

When I first started blogging, I used my children’s first names.  I then learned of some of the dangers of the internet and, because I talk a lot about my kids on this blog, I looked for options to discuss them while still respecting their privacy as individuals.  I also use pictures of my children on the blog so it was important that I not give too much information.  I eventually settled on the daughter/son thing since I have one of each and it was easy to use.

What do you think?  Does it depend on the age of the child?  If they are adult children, does it make a difference?  If you are a blogger, what tactic do you use?  Have you ever had an experience that caused you to need to hide your children’s names?  I would love to hear your thoughts.
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Saturday, July 10, 2010

To Market, To Market

 In an effort to gain some inspiration for my photography, I joined a few groups on Flickr that run themed challenges.  One of the groups, Echo, is running the theme “Market”.  I had yoga this morning and dance class at noon so my plan was to head to the Market Squar Farmers Market when it opened at 9am to get some fresh produce and take some photos for the theme.
I had plenty around me to give me inspiration for the theme – Market Square, the farmers market, the colorful produce, a clothing store called Black Market.  Later in the afternoon, my son and I headed back downtown to see some of his photos in an art show.  We also stopped in at The French Market (yet another market for inspiration) for crepes – his was turkey, spinach, artichoke and mine was Nutella and bananas – oh my goodness!

I am a happy girl.  I have been happy all day.  I love it when I have a project or a challenge for my photography.  It’s like someone turned on a light switch and I smile more, stand up straighter, have more patience, and feel more creative.  It’s better than drugs!

So here some of those photographs from today.
 market baskets sm
market squash 2
market honey
blackberries small
 market flowersmarket naturally grown

market zack french market
french market 2 sm

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

What Would You Do?

I was listening to a talk show on my Sirius XM radio today.  There was a discussion taking place regarding the following scenario:

If you were purchasing something in a store, the cashier handed you the change and there was $20 too much, what would you do?

Without hesitation, I thought to myself, “I would give it back”.

People were calling in and giving their thoughts and I was amazed at some of the rationalization people had for keeping the money.  I shouldn’t be amazed that people rationalize their actions but they honestly don’t see anything wrong with keeping the money.  Nothing at all.  Yes, I’m judging them.

One guy said it depended on what type of store he was in.  He said if he was in a small bodega that was just scraping by, he would return the money.  But if he was in a higher end store or a corporate chain, he would keep it, they don’t need it.  Dude also said it depended on the cashier.  If the cashier was nice and friendly, he would probably return the $20 but if the cashier was grumpy or indifferent, he would keep it. Wow.

Someone also said it depended on their financial situation at the time.  If they needed it, they would keep it.

What part of “It’s not yours!” do people not understand?  Don’t get me wrong, I am not naive.  I would think about my needs and the greedy part of me would want to keep it.  But what you think about is not nearly as important as what you do.  And I am a strong believer in Karma.  I have a clear idea of right and wrong.
Years ago, I was given $10 too much when I cashed my check at the drive-through at a bank.  I had been waiting in line for about 15 minutes and as I drove away, I realized I had been given too much money.  I thought about driving away . . . it was only $10 and the line was really long and I could really use that $10.  But, because my mom had worked for a short time as a bank teller when I was younger, I knew that the teller could possibly lose her job.  And returning the money was the right thing to do.  So I got back in the long line with the same teller and gave her the $10 back.  She was very surprised but grateful.  I felt both stupid and proud.  But later that day, I was shopping for maternity clothes.  I found a top and decided to buy it.  When I got to the cashier, she said “Oh, this one isn’t marked on sale but it is $10 off”.  Hmmmmmmmmmm, sorta got my $10 anyway.

So now that I have totally judged those people that honestly said they would keep it, what would you do?

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