Sunday, October 14, 2012

Perfectly Fall

processed-20121007164655638Last weekend was perfect fall weather and the perfect day for a trip to the farm.  My favorite local farm/corn maze/pumpkin patch/hayride location is Cruze Farm just outside Knoxville.  Cruze Farm is a working family dairy farm with the best tasting milk ever.  I use their real churned buttermilk in my biscuits and you can really tell the difference.  And I love that the girl’s all dress in vintage looking clothes and they all look like fresh-faced farm girls from the 1930’s.

My daughter and I piled K in the the car for his first experience with a farm and animals.  30 minutes later we piled out into pumpkin heaven.  This is a real family place so there was a animal petting area, processed-8264miniature tractors for kids,
a corn “sandbox”, food and other fun things to do to make it interesting for families.

We started in the animal area.  Casey put K right up by the fence and a calf came right over.  K wasn’t scared at all, reaching out to touch it’s nose.


processed-5311We stopped for some ice cream and some pinto beans and fried cornbread from the food truck.  K loved the ice cream and couldn’t get it to his mouth fast enough.  He is trying new foods and the general concensus in that he just likes to eat!
 Then he tried the pinto beans and, well let’s just say, he’s a true southern boy.  Casey couldn’t get them to his mouth fast enough.

We took the hayride over to the pumpkin patch where there was an old truck piled with pumpkins and straw and a couple of old tractors out in the field.  We picked out our pumpkin, played on the truck and the tractors before deciding it had been a good day for the adults and the almost 7 month old. 
processed-5355 I love that I get to experience all of these firsts with K and Casey.  My favorite season is fall and this trip was a reminder that there are a lot more firsts coming.