Saturday, October 6, 2012

Nana Blogging


Meet my grandson, K.  We have had a fun 6 months getting to know each other.  My last post about my daughter and her pregnancy was this one.  It’s taken me a while to get back to one of my favorite things – this blog.

So you might ask “If something wonderful, like a new grandchild happened, why wouldn’t you write about it – you write about everything else?”

processed-4995Well, it was a long journey.  There were wonderful, amazing moments and moments of hurt and stupidity by all around us.  There was joy and there was downright anger.  Ultimately, I chose to keep those feelings to myself and discuss them within our family.  Some things I would have written about would have been hurtful to others because I was hurt.  When it came down to it, it was better that I work through all that in my head, not here.

McFee_Park-9My grandson has so much love around him and his mom is an amazing mother. Everything truly does happen for a reason. K has the best personality and I am so in love with him. We all have the best time together.  His uncle Zack is so in love with him.  It’s time to write about him.

I started this blog to document everything about the “Life of Tere” and all that entails.  Each year I download this blog so it can be put into a hardbound book so there is a printed copy of my thoughts, feelings, photos, adventures . . . LIFE.  It’s time to add him to the mix as a part of all the rest of my life.  It’s time for me to write again.


Nineette said...

Love it!! Love ya guys!! You ladies are amazing women!! And that lil man is definitely going to be a heartbreaker.