Saturday, May 14, 2011

Girly Girl Who?

girlyWhen I think of someone who would be described as a “girly girl”, there are so many characteristics that come to mind, none of which I possess.  I am sort of a tomboy and always have been but I also really love being a girl.  I love dresses and high-heeled shoes and dressing up and getting my hair did and all the other girly things we all love.  It just takes a lot of work and not something I want to do every day.

I’ve tried.  I hate it.  It is too much work.  It takes time and my ADHD kicks in pretty quickly, causing me to lose interest.  I don’t think of it as pampering and it is so time-consuming.  I wish I felt differently but it will never happen on a consistent basis.

Some of the ways I am not a girly girl:
  • I hate to take a shower.  Yes, I DO take showers and I kind of like baths when I have the time, bubbles, and a glass of wine but if I could be clean and smell good without getting in the water, my bathtub would be storage for shoes.
  • People give me lotions and powders and shower gels and bubble bath and other bath products as gifts.  I almost never use them and either give them to someone or throw them away when I get on a cleaning spree.  It’s sadly a waste of money.
  • If I never had to shave my legs again, I would be a happy girl.  I like the way my legs look when they are shaved but just hate to take the time to shave them.  One of the few benefits of aging is that the hair on your legs gets lighter and softer.  Unfortunately, I am a hairy girl.  During my teens and twenties, if I didn’t shave daily, my legs looked like Robin William’s arms so this aging thing is making me very happy.
  • Painting of the nails and toes should be left to salons.  For over 20 years I have had acrylic nails and during the summer, I get a pedicure every 2 – 3 weeks.  Recently, in order to save money, I stopped getting my nails done and decided to attempt to do my own pedicures.  What a mistake!  Jagged cuticles, messy polish, uneven filing.  How does one get into the right contortionist position to paint one’s own toenails?  And what about those scaly heels?  This might be the disaster I think it will be.
  • Let’s talk about makeup.  I am old enough that I cannot go without it.  Gotta cover up those blotchy red spots and chin hairs.  Watch out for the wrinkles, they tend to catch the lotion and foundation and sweat in them and it ends up looking like a topical map of the Grand Canyon.  And I hate to take off makeup at night.  Call me lazy.  When I do take off makeup, either at night or before putting on more makeup, I use those makeup remover towelettes – quick, efficient and disposable.
So . . . are you a girly girl? What do you hate about girliness?  What do you love about it?
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Joy Page Manuel said...

I'm a closet girly-girl...or maybe selectively girly-girl is more like it. I like fixing myself up, but don't like heels, skirts and don't go to get mani/pedi services. I do, however, like bath gels, accessories and lip glosses. The worst part about being a girl/lady/woman, I think, is the fact that we are more pressured to watch our weight. Why can't I just eat all the Reese's chocolate that I want without worrying about my waist, thighs, arms and cheeks getting too big? *sigh*

Tere said...

Joy - I totally agree about the weight thing. That is totally an expectation of a girly girl.

ANNA said...

I agree, I'm not really a girly girl but I'm not a tomboy either. I also HATE showers but I love baths (both whore baths and big lovely bathtubs). I mostly default to the basin baths because they take up less time.

I wear makeup when I feel like I "should".

I typically wear nailpolish to the point that it's a sad reminder of my annoyance with overdoing the overprimpery of it all.

I just hate the amount of time it takes to be as "girlie" as the mainstream media makes me feel like I should be. I buy into some of it, but then when I buy the stuff involved I barely use it. Sigh. :(

Niecy said...

I have to say I am some what of a girly girl. I love pampering of all kind - nails, feet, massage, facials, etc., but I am lazy about doing it all myself. The reason I am not rich is because I would use much of it for the pampering. Get me a stylist, shopper, hair and makeup person, trainer, chef, and personal assistant and I would look fabulous. Leave it to me and I do okay. Really selfish, no?

One of my big regrets right now is that I am getting too old to wear nice dresses and skirts with heels (no way, no heels anymore), and my arm flaps make going sleeveless embarrassing.

And, this is why I am a middle class working teacher and not a celebrity. It keeps me grounded.