Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy, Happy Joy, Joy

100_0592_3511It was a good Christmas.  One of the best we have had in a while.  No presents were exchanged.  There was only the gift of time together.  A reminder of what Christmas is really all about.

It just all worked out.  There was no real plan.  My kids were home and off work at the same time.   We talked and cooked and ate as we felt like it.  My son requested Chicken and Dumplings for Christmas Eve dinner.  My daughter requested potato latkes for Christmas breakfast.  Whatever they wanted to eat, I fixed it.

It snowed.  What’s better than snow on Christmas?  We woke up to snow on Christmas morning and it came down softly all day long.  Not a lot but enough to make it special.  And it kept snowing well into the next day blanketing our yard and the roads in white and making it easy to stay inside together.

We played games – Connect Four, Yahtzee, Scene It - until midnight on Christmas Eve.  My daughter’s best friend joined us.  We played Scene It again on Christmas Day.  Then, after talking to friends, we headed to their house, through the snow, to play Just Dance 2 on the Wii.  We danced for hours, all the kids, all the adults, just hanging out together and acting a fool.

As she drove back home on the slick, snow covered roads, my daughter said that this was one of her favorite Christmas memories.  I switched over to drive my son’s car for him and he said the same thing.  We talked about the fact that we are blessed and that none of us needed anything so we didn’t miss the presents.  We talked about the laid back feeling of just doing what we felt like doing with no pressure to make it the “perfect” Christmas, whatever that is. 

I was reminded of how special my kids are and that time with each other is what creates the best Christmas memories.  And this was one of the best.
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Wanda said...

Oh Tere, what a perfect day with your kids.

Usually we buy for everyone, and we are up to 23 now.... This year each family did their own presents, and as a family we just enjoyed a wonderful dinner, movies, games and being together...Yes, the best kind of Christmas.

Blessing for a wonderful New Year for you Tere.

Lib Stewart said...

Sounds like a great Christmas! Ours was quiet - just my husband and me and we agreed to just do stockings. A lot of memories are tied up in our Christmas tree. We were a military family until my husband retired in 1991 and all the ornaments have memories! I found your blog by Googling "Ferrells" - and now have read several of your posts and have enjoyed them. You have a gift.

Tere said...

Wanda - It sounds like you all had a wonderful Christmas too. I loved the pictures on your blog.

Lib - So glad you visited and thank you. I grew up in a military family and know exactly what you mean by the tree and the ornaments. So many memories of so many places.

Ruth D~ said...

No presents. Sigh of relief. Must have been wonderful to get back to basics.

Have I wished you a Happy New Year yet? I'm always running behind.