Sunday, November 21, 2010

That Was Then, This Is Now

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I know I’ve been absent lately but my mind has still been going, questioning, thinking, and mostly resolving things before I take the time to write them down here.  I’ve missed my blog.

I have spent some time thinking about the beginning of this blog and how different things have become in the last 3 years.  In October of 2007 I began this endeavor because I loved to write.  I had no aspirations of writing for a living nor did I think I was particularly good at it.  I was told people enjoyed my writing but that was once a year when I sent out a holiday newsletter and shared little tidbits about our lives throughout the year.  This would be different.  This would have people “all up in my business”.

At the time, I made a decision that I would not write about work.  That would just be stupid.  I would also not give details of my children’s lives that might embarrass them at some point.  I only wrote things they would be ok with reading or that their children might read about them later.  I also decided that I would only share personal feelings and thoughts about others that I was okay with them reading.  Beyond that, everything else was on the table and open for discussion.

I wanted to tell funny stories.  I wanted to be thoughtful.   I wanted to inspire.

As I read through some of my early posts, they seemed a little superficial.  I held back a lot, trying to find my way, attempting to achieve balance.  I’m not sure I am that different now but it is getting better.  My goal was never to gain thousands of followers or to have comments in the hundreds and neither of those things happened.  I have a small loyal group of folks who graciously take some time to read my thoughts.  I have met other bloggers across the country that I now think of as friends although we have never met.

It’s interesting . . . the people that I thought would be the most supportive are the ones that visit the least.  I don’t think my father has visited my blog three times in three years and only one of my siblings reads regularly. 

When I first started sharing my life here, I had to hold back from writing every day.  I didn’t want to burn out – myself or anyone who might be reading.  And I didn’t want to be posting something just to fill the space.  I eventually fell into a rhythm of about 3 posts per week.  Over the last year I have slacked off a little and am only posting about every 10 days.  I miss it.

So I am trying to figure out what I want to say again.  Maybe my rules have changed, maybe not.  But my plan is to post at least once each week, more if I run into something funny or interesting.  I hope you continue to join me here, that you share feedback and opinions, and that you enjoy it enough to keep coming back.  Even through the slow times.
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Mickey said...

I read them!!!!! I just have to catch up - I usually have to read around 3 at a time to catch up to your latest one. Don't stop!