Sunday, October 10, 2010

In My Own Company

Today was 10/10/10 and I wanted to document my day in photos.  I didn't really have anything planned and that sometimes leads to sitting in my big pink chair watching shows from last week on the DVR.  Now what kind of interesting photos can you take from your chair, right?

The day started quietly with coffee and preparation for a training I have to do on Monday.   It was quiet in my house, the windows were open and a cool breeze was coming through.  I considered what I would be having for breakfast and decided today was a good day to head downtown to one of my favorite restaurants for brunch.  I thought about waking up my son to see if he wanted to go but he had only been asleep for a few hours, being 24 years old and all.  I thought about calling friends but then decided that today was a good day for me to spend with me.

I dressed and threw on some makeup, grabbed my camera and headed down to Market Square, one of my favorite areas of Knoxville, the site of The Tomato Head.  The Tomato Head is a funky little restaurant that has gained a huge following with their support of local farmers and business and their amazing food.  They have vegetarian, vegan, and meat options, a wonderful weekend brunch and great pizzas.  They recently expanded their brunch menu and, after seeing the options online, I couldn't wait to try it out.  Today was the day.

I had the Biscuits and Gravy which was actually a split biscuit topped with scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, Benton's bacon, and homemade gravy over all.  I am not normally a fan of gravy on top of eggs but this was one of the best dishes I have had in a while.  I seriously considered licking the plate. I could have eaten another order but my waistline would not have been happy with me.

After brunch I hung out in Market Square for a while, enjoying the beautiful weather and taking a few photos.  I love our downtown and have considered selling my house and moving to one of the many loft/condos that have been going into renovated buildings all over the downtown area.  It would be crazy for me to do that right now as I only have about 7 years until my house is paid off but I really do love the renaissance of downtown Knoxville and the options that are available.

One of my favorite stores, Abode, in Market Square is going to be closing so I headed there to check out the sales but didn't buy anything.  I walked through Krutch Park over to Gay Street and decided to kill some time before going to a movie by enjoying some coffee outside one of the cafes and chose The Downtown Grind.  They have small tables on the sidewalk with little vases of fresh flowers on each table.  I enjoyed a Hazelnut Latte and enjoyed eavesdropping on conversations of all the people taking the tour of all the downtown living options.  Hmmmmmmm, do I really want to go to a movie or wouldn't I just love to take a tour of the downtown lofts, homes, and condos?  I decided against the tour, fearing I might make an impulse buy and would then need to move my furniture.

I finished my coffee and walked down to the theater to purchase my ticket for "The Social Network", the movie about the creation of Facebook.  I am amazed that I still spend the money on a movie and popcorn in a theater.  The matinee ticket was $7.50 and the popcorn and bottled water I got inside was $11.75.  Why, why, why do I do that?  It's not like I can't wait until the movie comes out on DVD and I certainly don't need the popcorn.  But I have always loved watching movies in the theater.  And I just can't watch a movie in a theater without that hot, salty movie theater popcorn.  It's like a drug.  The movie was good and I would recommend it, especially if you are a Facebook user.

I realized when I got home that I had spent the whole day by myself.  I had not spoken more than probably 30 words today and all of them were said in ordering food, drinks, or tickets.  But I enjoyed my day to myself, taking photos, enjoying the city in which I live.

It was a good day.
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Wanda said...

I think you had just the best kind of day one can have. Surrounded by husband, grandchilden, church friends.... I need to do just what you did...alone..time to walk, think, ponder, and maybe see a movie.

Thanks for inspiration.

Wanda said...

Hi again...

I've decided to give myself ONE day a month to follow your plan. I'm already energized just thinking about it!!!

Tere said...

I can't wait to hear all about it Wanda. Make sure you share.