Saturday, July 10, 2010

To Market, To Market

 In an effort to gain some inspiration for my photography, I joined a few groups on Flickr that run themed challenges.  One of the groups, Echo, is running the theme “Market”.  I had yoga this morning and dance class at noon so my plan was to head to the Market Squar Farmers Market when it opened at 9am to get some fresh produce and take some photos for the theme.
I had plenty around me to give me inspiration for the theme – Market Square, the farmers market, the colorful produce, a clothing store called Black Market.  Later in the afternoon, my son and I headed back downtown to see some of his photos in an art show.  We also stopped in at The French Market (yet another market for inspiration) for crepes – his was turkey, spinach, artichoke and mine was Nutella and bananas – oh my goodness!

I am a happy girl.  I have been happy all day.  I love it when I have a project or a challenge for my photography.  It’s like someone turned on a light switch and I smile more, stand up straighter, have more patience, and feel more creative.  It’s better than drugs!

So here some of those photographs from today.
 market baskets sm
market squash 2
market honey
blackberries small
 market flowersmarket naturally grown

market zack french market
french market 2 sm

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Wanda said...

Oh my, Tere, felt like I could just reach out and grab those berries.

Why do I always think berry cobbler when I see berries, instead of thinking oh, fresh berries (period)

A habit very hard to break!

Your photography is lovely.

Mona said...

Your photography is AWESOME! I found you through mutual follower, Ruth D -- who also follows me at Advice From The Pros,

I'll be back whenever I need uplifting ;) Mona

Tere said...

Wanda - the berries were so yummy. I, too, think cobbler but these were so beautiful I just kept eating them out of the container.

Mona - Thanks for visiting. I love Ruth's writing! I will check out your blog today.

Ruth D~ said...

Well... :>) It's a party, and we've got healthy food here.

You make things look so appealing. I did a double take at the berries. I have a nearly identical shot.

I agree that having a theme for taking pictures is a fun thing. I have a monthly theme from that I try to do. This month is self-portraits. Yuck!