Sunday, July 25, 2010


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I read several blogs that are written by moms.   Depending on the age of the children and the desire for their privacy, the bloggers use various tactics to discuss activities with their children or grandchildren.  Some use the child’s name, some just say daughter or son, some use the child’s age (the six year old, the 13 year old), while others give them fictitious and funny names such as Thing 1 and Thing 2 or Scooby Snacks.

When I first started blogging, I used my children’s first names.  I then learned of some of the dangers of the internet and, because I talk a lot about my kids on this blog, I looked for options to discuss them while still respecting their privacy as individuals.  I also use pictures of my children on the blog so it was important that I not give too much information.  I eventually settled on the daughter/son thing since I have one of each and it was easy to use.

What do you think?  Does it depend on the age of the child?  If they are adult children, does it make a difference?  If you are a blogger, what tactic do you use?  Have you ever had an experience that caused you to need to hide your children’s names?  I would love to hear your thoughts.
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Christi said...

I am extremely paranoid about identity usage on my blog. Before I protected my blog, I only used nicknames and I did not discuss even what section of the country we live in. I wouldn't use real names for adults either. There are crazy people in the world and I would never survive if I had posted something that had enabled a monster in my children's lives. Why up their chances? I figure that if people know me, they'll know who I'm talking about when referencing a person or what I'm talking about if I reference a location or event.

Tere said...

Good points Christi. I think I would feel like you do if my children were small. I am a little less fearful but I hope I don't ever regret it.

Wanda said...

Two of my daughters do not want me to blog pictures of them or their kids on my blog, but will let me on fb.

I try to use son, daughter, grandchild...etc. Even though I have used my husband's name Don, I have decided to call him "dearest" on the blog.

I'm a very trusting person, and don't feel the risk that my adult children do... My adult grandchildren like to be included on my blog and fg.

Good post Tere...lots to think about.

Ruth D~ said...

I'm with Wanda... very trusting. I don't think there are many predators who use blogs to go after people-- too inefficient for one thing. Predators tend to go after the bird in the hand... not the ones on the blogs, IMO. I'm pretty open. Would never say anything that would embarrass my kids. I say little about my daughter because she is a private person. My sons never complain.