Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day

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Whether you believe Mother’s Day is a commercial creation that originated with greeting card companies or that the day was created to genuinely honor motherhood, Mother’s Day is a special day.  Over the years, Mother’s Day has changed in many ways for me and none has ever been as different as it was today.  

When I was younger, I wanted nothing more than to make my mom happy on this special day.  She was my hero.  I wanted to draw her a picture or make her something special out of construction paper and crayons.  As I grew older and more self – centered, I never seemed to pay attention to what she might want but ended up buying her what I thought she needed or what a commercial showed me ALL mothers want.  I mean, if I had paid attention I would have realized that my mother never wore anything but Shalimar perfume but I got her a small bottle of whatever the latest cheap perfume was that was being advertised for Mother’s Day that year.

Later I became a mother and the day became about me.  Since we never lived close by, I always called Mom to wish her a great day but I was focused on me and my kids.  My kids picked me flowers, drew pictures, made me breakfast and made me feel so special that day.  I felt like I was their hero just as my mom was mine.

Today was different.  Mom has been gone for five years.  And for the first time ever, my kids are not at home on Mother’s Day.  My daughter is living in Atlanta and my son is working.  My daughter called me early today and my son and I spent a few hours together this morning before he left for work.   My siblings texted me to wish me Happy Mother’s Day as did many friends and even some of my kids’ friends.  I have had the day to myself which is fine but it is different.  I’m not sad or lonely.  Ok, maybe just a little, but it really made me think about this day and what it means now.

I hope my mom knew how much we all loved her.  I think she did.  I know how much my kids love me because they tell me and show me all the time.  What I thought about today was that there are so many mothers in my life that I can honor.  My mother-in-law and her sisters and sister - in - law have always made me feel a part of their family even long after my husband died.  My aunt has reminded me that she learned so much from my mother and she continues to keep me close.  I always thought she was the coolest mom and now her kids do too.  Most of my friends are mothers and when we talk about our kids, we all learn from each other and divulge stories we might never tell others.  My sisters and I discuss both our childhood as well as parenting and we share advice and remind each other what Mom would have done.  I read bloggers who are moms and they make me laugh and cry.  

So I realized today that Mother’s Day is not really a day about me or my mom.  It is about all the mothers in my life, the women who have influenced me in the past as well as those that touch me every day.  It’s about all mothers, and women in our lives, even if they are not mothers yet.  

Happy Mother’s Day.
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Wanda said...

I loved reading this Tere, and so relate in so many ways, even though I much older than you.. we connect!

Happy Mother's Day to a dear blog friend.

Love and Hugs

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