Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Nest

emptynest2 It’s not empty yet.  It won’t be any time soon.  But it has a lot of empty space right now.

Daughter is in Atlanta for three and a half days each week and in Knoxville for three and a half days.  She already has a job in Atlanta and has been working in both cities for over a month now and has an apartment  she will move into at the end of this month.    Son is still here but due to his schedule, we usually pass each other in the neighborhood streets as I arrive home and he leaves.

I am not sad.  Okay, I am a little.  But it’s kind of exciting too.  This is an opportunity for me to find out who I am.  I have been a wife and a mom for so long that I’m not really sure who Tere is anymore.  I have loved being all those things but they consumed me for the last 25 years and became how I defined myself.  I liked it that way.  I loved being married and I loved being a mom.  But who am I now?

I have not been a wife for nine years.  I will always be a mom.  This transition time of gradually emptying the nest has given me time to think.  I am getting out more and trying to get out of my “mom box”.  And I kind of like it.

I am meeting new people through my dance classes, people who are fun and smart and enjoy the things I enjoy.  I am going out with long-time loyal friends without our kids.   I am participating in girl’s night out – margaritas and Mexican food, a burlesque show, what’s next?  As I arrived home at 12:30am last weekend, Son was calling me to ask if I was okay.  He asked, “When is the last time I was home before you, Mom?”  Hmmmmmm, not sure, not sure.

I guess we will find out.
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Wanda said...

What a exciting time of life for you...Finding yourself. I like that! Sometimes I wonder after 49 years of marriage, raising 4 kids who move out, back in and out...
Do I really know who I am? Good question Tere... I haven't had time to think about I will ponder that!

Love you

mutuelle said...

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Ruth D~ said...

Interesting, the nest photo. When my daughter went away to college, I'd found a feather on the campus after she'd said goodbye and turned to walk away. I took it home and put it on her bed and snapped a picture.

I had a piece published in Chicken Soup for the Soul's Empty Nesters book. something I wrote when my youngest went away to college.

It's bittersweet. But mostly sweet. Can you imagine what we'd say if they didn't grow independent?:>)

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