Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Home Is Where Your Heart Is . . .

. . . And my daughter’s heart is in Georgia.  So is her home, her new apartment to be exact.

We spent the weekend moving her to the Atlanta area.  Moving, unpacking, buying inexpensive furniture and assembling it, picking up groceries and household supplies.  She is still working on decorating but she is well on her way to taking it from a standard one bedroom apartment to a cozy little home.

It seems funny for me to say “let’s head to YOUR house”.  It’s weird for her too.  She scolded me for leaving out the coffee creamer.  She scolded her boyfriend for leaving a bowl in the sink.  That made me laugh after all the times I had to throw away things she left out of the fridge or recover crusty dishes from her bedroom.  This is going to be interesting.

I am excited for her and this new adventure.  I am excited to see how this will go.  I am excited to see the things she will do to make this work the way she wants it to work.  I am excited to see the person she will become and how she will make it through the struggles.  I’m proud of her.

But I do miss her.

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Wanda said...

What a cute apartment. She must have her mother's flair for decor.

I had to laugh, as my youngest daughter's room was always a disaster, but when she moved into her little studio in San Diego, be became this totally neat freak!!!

Her place always look darling...Oh if only her room could have looked like that when she was home.

Ruth D~ said...

Oh, how time flies. I have to chuckle at the "neat freak" that having her own apartment brings out in your daughter. You must be proud that she is such an independent soul, now.

Thanks for your comment about Becky. I've been so absorbed I've been very lax in the blog world... and miss it.