Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chased By The Wiener Mobile

wienermobile As I drove down the interstate today, I was followed  by a giant red and yellow wiener mobile.  How weird is that?  After the last two weeks I’ve had, the wiener mobile is the least weird thing that has happened to me.

The weirdness started with the full moon and has not gone away.  Over the last two weeks, I have:
  • helped my daughter lease an apartment
  • wiped out my savings account to help both my kids
  • learned way too much about the legal system to help someone out
  • backed up in my driveway, into my son’s car
  • watched my dad kiss his old high school girlfriend in a play
  • rehearsed to dance in a public performance
  • looked for a lost dog
  • found out I will be serving on jury duty
  • had a gold crown fall off my tooth
  • and several more things that I have already moved on from.

I’m tired and I’m hoping things will return to normal soon.  Whatever normal is . . .


Wanda said...

Oh my....what a list! Erma Bombbeck said "Normal is a setting on the dryer".... I agree...what is normal!

You never stop helping your kids...we just doled out some moola to help ours too.

Anonymous said...

WOW, i can't believe that you were followed by a wiener mobile. I have never seen one and thought they were just on T.V., but I guess not. Your list is pretty cool. Some things are so strange, like your dad kissing an old high school girlfriend. I can't say I've had strange things like that happen to me. Hope your life get back to "normal".