Monday, March 8, 2010

Things I Know Now About 20

I am at the beach on Spring Break.  Not my Spring Break but my daughter's.  Several months ago, Daughter and her friends decided they were going to the beach for Spring Break.  They planned, they analyzed, they researched then realized that they needed someone older to rent a place and it was going to take a lot more money than they thought.  So they invited the Moms. 

Don't get me wrong . . . I don't feel used.  How many 20 year olds would even consider taking their moms along with them on Spring Break?  We are actually quite honored.  And we are having fun.

But I am also learning that things are different nowadays than when I was 20.  In good ways mostly.  And I have learned that having 4 girls around is WAY different than 1 or 2 at a time.  So here are some of those things I have learned in the last 3 days:
  • They will ask intelligent and interesting questions about birth control without embarrassment or hesitation.
  • Eating ice cream will illicit wild, high pitched giggles from groups of 3 or more when consumed at midnight.
  • Nightly painting of each other's toenails and plucking of each other's eyebrows is apparently fun.
  • Bikini tops and bottoms do not necessarily have to match.
  • Friends carry friends off the beach when they have consumed too much happy juice.
  • Boys from other colleges like to talk to girls from Tennessee, even if the girls give them fake names like Harley, Charlie, Jo, and Mo.
  • You can never have enough chips and dip or Sunny D.
  • No matter what the temp is outside, you CAN lay on the beach.
  • No matter what the water temp of the ocean is, if you gotta go, you gotta go.
I'm sure I will learn more over the coming days.  And I'm sure I will share.  Who knew spring break could be such a learning experience?


Wanda said...

Oh you are just having too much fun!!!

Spring break with mom...who would have "thunk"

Great post...loved the things you've learned!!!! :)

Rosi said...

Hi! I'm a girl from Spain and I was surfing the net in order to find ideas for my blog,because I've recently joined the world of bloggers.And I've found very amusing your expierences. It's a way for me to learn english and to see others people's way of living.
I live in the north, in Asturias, and we don't have a weather such nicer as yours to wear our "non-matching" bikinis yet!

Tere said...

Hi Rosi! Your english is pretty good. What a great idea to learn about other cultures and to learn english by reading blogs. Welcome.

And it really wasn't warm enough for a bikini while we were in Florida. I have several pictures of the girls in hoodies and wrapped in towels because the wind was blowing so hard.