Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yet Another Gadget

If you are Gadget Girl like me, there is always some fun new and interesting gadget on the market. But if you are a cautious techie like me, you don’t buy them as soon as they come out. I must be convinced that the new gadget is something I would use and use frequently. It must work well. Any new gadget goes through several incarnations before they get the kinks worked out so I never buy the first version of anything. Kindle2I must do research and read reviews. Lots of them. And when I decide I might NEED the new gadget as much as I WANT the new gadget, then I buy it.

I have been hearing about the Kindle since Amazon came out with it in late 2007. It is an electronic book reader. Basically you buy your books or newspapers and they are downloaded to the reader (which holds hundreds of books) and you can read them anywhere, anytime. It has other nifty and awesome things it does too but basically, you read books on it.

I love books and I love paper and ink. The feel of a book in your hand, turning the pages, smelling the “new book” smell, curling up in a chair on a rainy day and feeling the weight of the book on your lap – how was this giant Ipod looking gadget going to do that? But hmmmmmm, the books are really cheap, less than $10, even for new books and those on the NY Times bestseller lists. Books that I recently paid $15 - $40 for were available for $9.99. That’s a plus. But I was not convinced. So I waited.

The more I heard about the Kindle - on Oprah, on the radio, on TV - the more intriguing I found this device. I read reviews which were mixed. Still not sure it was for me, I waited some more. Then Amazon came out with a new version – The Kindle2.

All the customer reviews were excellent. Amazon had listened to the customers and fixed the problems, making the whole thing better and at a cheaper price than the original. I did more research. Based on the number of books that I buy, the cost savings on books could pay for the Kindle in a year. Not an excellent gain but at least I would be saving money and trees and it was good effort at rationalization. And the thought of not having to store all those books – less clutter in my house. And I could put it in my purse and have all my books with me at anytime – stuck in traffic, in the airport, in the doctor’s office. I am a pro at rationalization. So I gave in. I ordered one.

I got my Kindle today. It is so much like reading a book, it’s a little freaky. I quickly and easily downloaded two books, Pretty in Plaid by Jen Lancaster and My Life In France by Julia Child. I had just finished Jen Lancaster’s book Such a Pretty Fat and it was hilarious. I couldn’t wait to get another one of her books. And I recently saw the movie Julie and Julia and had been left wanting to know so much more about Julia Child. She is NOT just the tall TV cooking lady with the funny voice I remember from childhood, she was quite a saucy broad who led such an amazing life from what I understand. I guess I will find out.

So tonight, I will fall asleep reading in bed as I always do. Except tonight, I won’t lose my place when I fall asleep and the book drops from my hand, pages fluttering as the fan blows. It will be automatically electronically bookmarked and waiting for me when I pick it up where I left off. A lot less romantic sounding but much more practical.

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