Wednesday, August 26, 2009

She’s All That


Sometimes I forget to tell my children that I am proud of them. I tell everyone else about things they do that I am proud of but rarely do I share that with them. My dad did that too. We knew he was proud of us but it sure is nice to hear it occasionally. You know how, when you are growing up, you say “When I grow up I won’t do this to my kids”. Yeah, well sometimes you do.

I have shared with you both my children’s frustrations with their school experience. They are smart, articulate, and motivated in life but their high school experience turned them off to continuing on to college. I was really not given an option when it came to going to college and I left after two years because getting married was a whole lot more important to me than finishing college. I didn’t want to push my kids into it, I wanted it to be their decision. I wanted them to WANT to go and I encouraged them but I didn’t push. There was some interest but no real movement in that direction. So I thought.

My daughter has been out of high school for over a year. She has been working and has put off applying to college several times. A few months ago, she mentioned that she sent in her application to the local community college. Ok, cool. I waited and watched but didn’t push. About a month later she mentioned that she had sent in a check for registration. Really? With your own money? Impressive. But then it wasn’t mentioned again and deadlines were approaching. She shared with me that she had not heard anything yet. I suggested she call.

Turns out the school had both the application and the check but on separate accounts. Things were straightened out and the next thing I knew she was taking a placement test and had an appointment with an advisor. She had planned to start out with 6 hours of classes but went with 12 hours. She had not applied for financial aid so she looked into setting up a payment plan. That’s where I stopped her. I always told my kids that if they wanted to go to college, I would pay for it. I told her if she was committed to doing this, I would pay.

So on Monday, I paid my first ever college tuition payment for one of my kids. I am excited for her. She is starting a whole new chapter in her life and will be majoring in something she is really good at – Interior Design. But I am so proud of her for doing this all on her own. Making the decision, doing the legwork, being a grown up.

Yep, she’s all that.

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~JarieLyn~ said...

How wonderful. It's so great that she took initiative on her own. Interior design sounds like so much fun.

Andie, aka Andemonium said...

Casey rocks! Wow. I am so proud of my niece!