Sunday, August 16, 2009

Project 50 . . . check. What Comes Next?

The Future

To the left is my 50th photo in my Project 50 series. Project 50 involves taking 50 photos in 50 days with a 50mm lens.

Ok, so I took longer than 50 days. I did pretty well until I went to the beach for vacation and then to California for my sister’s wedding. I ended up taking a week during the middle of the project as a break. My creativity was stretched and my photos were suffering. It’s difficult to take a photo every day and keep it remotely interesting. So I gave myself a break when needed and then got back on track so it actually took me a little more than 50 days, 87 to be exact.

So I am on to my next project, whatever that is. I haven’t found one yet so stay tuned. I love the idea of a project to keep me focused and trying new things. Even when you love something, as I do photography, you sometimes need a push to keep you moving and learning new things. In fact, when I started Project 50 it was really about learning to do new things with my lens. A 50mm lens is a fixed lens which means , among other things, it doesn’t zoom at all which would be a change for me. But the project became something else – a sort of diary of things going on in my life that day or things going on in my head. I took photos of things that were meaningful to me and shared the stories. I also took photos of mundane things that were going on that day. I took photos of the food I was eating. As I looked through the series I got a sense of me and what I was doing over the last 3 months.

So here are some of my favorites from my Project 50 series:

Pierced Navel curvy Ranier Cherries mother and childaround the bend gumballs My View Schwin-tastic


Wanda said...

Tere ~~ I love all your photos. They are wonderful, and you really have an eye for composition.

I need to have a guide or focus, that why with my blogging I have a few things that I try to keep each week, like Monday Show and Tell, Tuesday Tidbits, Friday Sky Watch and Sunday Meditation... In between I just try to fill in!

Been nice to see you on fb too.