Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Magic Bullet Update


It has been a little over two weeks since I began my diet. I actually hate calling it a diet because of all the baggage that comes with that word. Such a negative connotation. I have changed my eating habits and my attitude so “diet” just doesn’t seem to cover it. Ruby (see her on The Style Network) calls it her journey but, while that is pretty accurate, “journey” seems little too dramatic for me. So “diet” is the word I have right now so diet it is.

As I said in my previous post, I have to do this my way which is what I have done. There is no guilt, I make adjustments as I go, no rigid goals, just figure out what works and do that. And I haven’t weighed myself and don’t plan to any time soon. I know how much I weighed the last time I went to the doctor so on my next visit, I may or may not have them tell me what the new number is. Or I may just ask them to tell me if it’s less than last time. I really don’t want to know the number until I can really tell a difference in my clothes. I can tell a little bit now but that could be wishful thinking so I WILL NOT get on the scale. As I said, I will not get hung up on a number.

When I began the diet, I decided that I would just count calories but would try to be aware of the amount of fat, fiber, carbs, and protein I was taking in to get an idea of where I needed to adjust. I had downloaded a program called “Lose It” on my Ipod Touch so I had an easy way to track my daily intake. It is all about easy for me.

One thing I learned was that I don’t eat anywhere near enough protein. The majority of what I eat was fat and carbs so I made some adjustments, adding more protein and trying to eliminate carbs at least at dinner. Secret confessional here: I could live off of pasta, rice, bread, cheese, and potatoes . . . forever . . . happily forever. And I was raised with dinner consisting of a meat, a vegetable, and a starch. So to have a protein and a vegetable only is a big change for me. But I am doing it and it’s just fine.

I am adding activity but not consistently yet. I bought a bicycle and love it but it has been so fracking hot lately so I have only been riding a few times. In parking lots, I don’t take the closest parking space. I get out at least one day on the weekend instead of sitting in front of the TV. When I do watch TV, I get up during the commercials and do something that doesn’t involve sitting. And guess what – my house is cleaner! Bonus!

So here are 5 things I have learned so far:

1. Hungry Girl says Shiratake Noodles are a great low calorie substitute that tastes just like pasta. I think they taste just like rubber bands. Lesson: Don’t buy three packages of a recommended item before you try it. Anyone want two packs of rubber band noodles?

2. Peach Nectar cake from the Mennonites. The smell of it in your car will cause you to eat it without a fork while driving down the interstate and the calories in it will allow only veggies for dinner. Lesson: Sometimes you need a cheat day and the day the Mennonites make Peach Nectar cake should be considered. But keep the purchase to a 1/4 cake so you don’t go overboard.

3. Organic is expensive and I absolutely cannot tell the difference in the taste. Lesson: Buy fresh and local but don’t get hung up on organic. A blueberry is a blueberry is a blueberry.

4. Just about anything labeled fat free is gross. The cheese doesn’t melt, the sour cream or cream cheese tastes like Kindergarten Paste, and don’t get me started on the yogurt. Lesson: Buy the Light version and just eat less – it will fill you up.

5. Last week, while at work , I was in an office and turned around. My massive assive swiped across a desk and took out a 40 ounce soda that my daughter had just bought. Lesson: That is the LAST time that will happen.

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sarahbb said...

Where are the Mennonites and the Peach Nectar cake? That sounds SO GOOD.

Tere said...

It is sooooo yummy. The Country Cupboard is outside Crossville. It is a Mennonite run store and they have fresh baked bread and bakery items, butter, cheese, deli meats, and bulk goods.

~JarieLyn~ said...

This is a great post. I agree about not wanting to get hung up on numbers. And doing it your way at your pace is the way to go.

You're doing great so far. Congratulations on your baby steps. You definitely will notice a change after awhile.

Ruth D~ said...

Sounds like a lot of wisdom in your approach. Being too obsessed with weight and food ingredients is not the way to go. And a little treat is like a "stich in time." It saves nine.