Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Family is Family

Andie, Josh, and TajMeet my family. At left is my youngest sister Andie. We all attended her wedding this past weekend to her man Josh. With them is Andie’s son Taj who is six.IMG_7037_1064_18 On the right is a photo of my sister Mickey, new brother-in-law Josh, my brother Chip, and my Dad. We were all enjoying the reception.

We LOOK like a normal family.

When I was younger, I thought we were an average family, pretty much like all other families. But as I grew older, I learned the truth. Not that we were crazy dysfunctional or anything – that would kind of be normal. We just did things differently than most families and we have very strong personalities in our family.

My mom was a calm, steadying force in our family. But mom was also one that encouraged creativity, exploration, and individuality. She was all of those things herself. And that is what we have – four children with four distinctly different personalities. Put us together and you never know what you will get. Usually you get a really good story to tell later.

My youngest sister, Andie, has led the most interesting life. She is much younger than the rest of us - I am the oldest and Andie was born when I was in college. Without going into all the stories of her life, I will say that she lives her life on her own terms, doesn’t really care what others think, and she is one of the smartest people I know. That’s just the way she handled her wedding.

Andie and Josh stood in a circle of crystals and stones under a huge tree in a butterfly garden at Balboa Park in San Diego. Andie wore a necklace that contained our mom’s ashes in the form of a butterfly. They combined their family faith traditions using a Celtic handfasting ceremony and a Jewish breaking of the glass at the end of the ceremony. Mazel tov!

Participating in the ceremony were the 2 children that were born of eggs that Andie donated to a gay couple. Each man has a biological child of their own, created with Andie’s eggs. They are the most beautiful children and their dad’s are wonderful amazing men that I consider part of my family. It was interesting to compare genetic traits and to see where they come from. And I love that Andie, Josh, and Taj have a close relationship to their family. My mom would have loved to have known them all.

Andie’s friends were so welcoming and friendly and intensely loyal to her. Some people would call them hippies – I know I do – but in a good way. There are lots of dreadlocks, hemp, and patchouli – how can you not call them hippies? But I would rather spend those hours with open, honest, friendly, non-judgemental hippies any day. We had a great time at the reception. Of course the reception was vegetarian and vegan so some of us were looking for a steak about 7 o’clock but everything tasted really good, great music and dancing, lots of fun.

I shared some of the stories from the wedding with a co-worker upon my return. He kept saying “Really? Really?? REALLY???” Then he told me I had one of the most bizarre families. I said “Yes, yes I do”.

And there was so much more that I didn’t tell, to him or here in this post. Those are stories for another day.

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~JarieLyn~ said...

Great story. I don't have kids, but I enjoyed reading about your motherhood. I like your blog so I'm going to be a regualr follower.
Have a wonderful day.