Saturday, May 2, 2009

Just Say Yes

As I have said here before, I could easily stay in my house and not go anywhere for days at a time. People ask me to do things but I never seem to want to get out - you know - makeup, getting out of the sweatpants, combing my hair. But after being on vacation last week and doing a lot of staying in the house, cleaning, then recovering from cleaning, I wanted to get out more this week. I really had no idea what I wanted to do but I just decided that if anyone asked, I would say yes.

Daughter wanted to do some shopping on Sunday afternoon. It's a well known fact that I loathe shopping. But I said yes. I had no intention of spending money - that was her goal. But I came home with 2 shirts, a sweater, and two pairs of sandals. And we both got new point and shoot cameras. How did that happen? We had a fun afternoon and I didn't really hate the shopping part so much, just the feet hurting part.

Daughter's boyfriend is in a band and on Sunday evening, they were opening for Jimmy Van Zandt. Daughter didn't really ask, just said "You're going, right?" So I said yes. I love to watch Boyfriend's band and who can't go for some vintage Lynyrd Skynyrd? Well, me . . . but at least I knew I could get in some really good people watching. I saw every kind of person and every kind of outfit and every kind of tattoo. Oh yes, I heard some really good southern rock too.

The week was busy with work but by Friday I was not going home to sit in front of the TV. Daughter suggested sushi. I said Yes - but not our normal place down the road. I suggested an alternative down in Market Square. Market Square is a shady, park-like area in central Knoxville and has a variety of restaurants, shops, and there's usually live music on the square or street players around the square. As I waited for Daughter and her boyfriend to arrive, I sat at one of the tables under a tree in the square, listened to the quartet on the stage, watched the fountains, and people watched in the 68 degree evening. I watched the sky to see when the rain would start and thought about how lucky I am.

My son called later to ask if I wanted to go to breakfast on Saturday morning. I said Yes. He came over this morning and we headed for IHOP but the parking lot was packed with people driving around waiting on a spot. I drove on, looking for an option that would make us both happy. We pulled out my Metro Pulse (a weekly alternative newspaper) which just happened to have the Best of Knoxville issue out this week. He looked for Best Breakfast, saw that it was Pete's Coffee Shop and we headed there. Pete's is downtown, around the corner from Market Square and is sort of a classic diner style restaurant. It was yummy, cheap, and fast. Son and I got a chance to catch up and then headed back to the house where we spent about 2 hours figuring out his finances and his plan to move back home for a while. He is really growing up and making good decisions.

It was a great week. I'm glad I said yes.