Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Home Is Where The Guest Room Is

My soon to be 23 year old son is home again. He moved back into the guest room last night. Not a bad or a good thing, just a thing. Good thing I cleaned out the garage.

I am not one of those parents that feels the need to push their kids out of the nest. He went willingly, excitedly, 3 months after he turned 18, long before I thought he was ready. But I kept my mouth closed and let him go. He always has to learn the hard way. He came back 6 months later. I'm also not one of those parents that says you can't come back once you leave.

He moved out again a few years later and has been out for over a year and a half. He has his own life and he has grown up a great deal during that time. But he cannot afford to live on his own and his roommate is moving to another city. So he has returned. And that's okay with me. Or it will be once I get used to the hours he keeps, working until 11pm then meeting friends for dinner or to hang out. On second thought, I will never get used to those hours, maybe I just sleep through it.

Daughter is not so understanding of his return home. She is quite used to the arrangement the two of us had up until yesterday and was quite happy with it. In fact, Son had not been back 18 hours when she informed me that "this is not going to work". Apparently, Son is not aware of the protocol the Princess has for how she gets ready for work and he was in "her chair" watching "something stupid" on TV. Does he not know that she sits in a certain chair in the sunroom and watches The View while she puts on her makeup? How could he not know that? I'm sure she made it quite clear to him that he has interfered with her morning routine. Already.

So I am anticipating some sibling discord just like there always has been when they are in the same house. But I am also anticipating some help with the dogs. Trade offs.

Daughter will be the next to move out I'm sure but I think it will still be a while. She is preparing, buying her own furniture, paying her own bills, getting the big ticket items out of the way. That way, when she moves out, she will have a car and furniture that is paid for and she will have only rent and utilities to focus on. I will be very surprised if she comes back home. She has a lot of pride - too much sometimes. It would be hard for her to admit that she needs help. But I would be here, welcoming her back, if she did.

I'm here. Whenever they need me.


Andie, aka Andemonium said...

I'm seriously laughing my ass off.

Ruth D~ said...

So "real life." You captured the sibling thing well, and with understanding . . . and humor. Empty nests are . . . an on again off again thing.

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