Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just call me Moonpie

Years ago, I volunteered to get takeout dinner at the new restaurant that had just opened down the road. Does anyone remember the restaurant Po'Folks? It was a cliche' of a southern restaurant with cutesy redneck names for dishes that launched one down the road to coronary artery disease.

Since the restaurant was new, I decided to get a variety of dishes so we could get a feel for the menu. I got suggestions from the hostess taking my order "and give me a couple of pieces of cake, a slice of apple pie and a slice of moon pie". She looked at me quizzically. Whatever.

When I arrived home, I pulled each of the dishes out of the to-go bags and explained what I had ordered. I removed the pieces of cake and the apple pie. Something was missing and I said "Where's the slice of moon pie?"

My husband laughed as he pulled a cellophane wrapped, chocolate sandwich, marshmallow creme filled Moonpie from the bag.

Hence the nickname.


Ruth D~ said...

I always wondered about the Moon Pie girl name. Now I know. They must be like what we call Whoopie pies: chocolate cookies and soft cream filling. Mmmmm!

Andie, aka Andemonium said...

Damn, I miss Po'Folks! I used to love their hush puppies. I'm probably speaking Greek to anyone not from the south right now! :)