Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fun in the Street

I am sometimes a stick in the mud. I have always been that way, it did not just come with age. I have to be coaxed out of the hole I put myself in. I think too much and then talk myself out of things. Not proud of it but aware of it.

My daughter is quite different. She wants to do something and she does it. There is no talking about it, mulling it over, or hesitation. She just does it.

The other night, Daughter and her BFF (best friend forever for those that don't speak text) were hanging out with no boyfriends around. BFF is going to a local college and taking photography. She had an assignment where she had to use a bounce flash in low light. BFF came up with the idea to use flowy dresses to show the movement. Since Daughter's second job is working at a bridal shop, they came up with the idea to use prom dresses. Daughter went that day and picked up the dresses and the photo shoot was on.

They started across the street from BFF's house since there is a really cool alley of pear trees. BFF's mom helped out and they had a great time - BFF doing her thing with the camera and Daughter getting her inner model on. What girl doesn't love modeling for a photographer while wearing fancy designer dresses?

Then they decided to head over to our house for another session and so I could take pictures of both of them - BFF wanted to get her inner model on too. So BFF's mom and I headed out into the street at 9:30 at night to take pictures of almost grown teenage girls in prom dresses, spinning and twirling in the dark. BFF took all the photos I posted today of Daughter, I took the one of BFF and Daughter.

My point in all this was that I had fun. It was spontaneous. Had my daughter discussed this with me the day before, I would have thought about it . . . way too much. It would have been "too late". And what if they couldn't get the dresses? Or do we really need to be in the street at 10pm?

But really . . . who cares? It all happened perfectly and BFF took some great pictures. We all had fun . . . the girls and the moms. Completely unplanned, undiscussed, unprepared fun.

I need to stop thinking so much and do that more often.


Andie, aka Andemonium said...

These are soooo gorgeous! Great job, Sara (and Tere, for giving birth to a drop-dead beautiful daughter).

Ruth D~ said...

Beautiful photos. Beautiful subjects. I know what you mean about thinking too much instead of just doing. My daughter would get the job done despite me.

MaddyLane Designs said...

This is a wonderful series, how fun and most precious, super blog, I thank you for your kind visit and comment ;)

Anonymous said...

she really has talent :)
& your daughter is really pretty
i love the dress in "caseytwirl"