Sunday, March 15, 2009

Denver's Big Blue Bear

I went to Denver this past week. The trip was for a work related conference rather than for pleasure. Denver seems like a nice city but I really didn't get to see a lot of it. Here's what I know about Denver after being there a week:
  • The airport has an east and a west terminal.
  • The Hyatt takes up an entire downtown block and is across from the convention center.
  • The convention center has a big, blue bear peeking through the windows.
Yep, that's all I know about Denver.

I work for a great company. Every year, they fly into an interesting locale to gather for meetings and awards. We've been to Chicago, Vegas, Washington D.C., Orlando, and others. But I am confused as to why they give us no time to see the interesting locale. They used to. When we went to Orlando, we all had an evening at DisneyWorld. And in D.C., we had a bus tour. I guess they are under no obligation to entertain us or show us the sights but then, if not, why not just do things at our headquarters? Maybe one day, I will learn the answer.

So they scheduled us. Rise at 5am. Breakfast at 6:30, meetings start at 7. For lunch, a buffet and if you're not done, go ahead and finish eating while the speaker starts. Meetings until 5 or 5:30 and then you have an hour to change for a dinner activity until 10pm. After that, gather in the bar for drinks and socializing for an hour before excusing yourself. Drag yourself to your room and fall into bed. Start again the next day. On the last day, meetings end at 1pm, run to the shuttles, catch a flight and a connection, arrive home at 11pm. Whew!

There were wonderful moments in all that - challenges were overcome, surprise awards received, honors bestowed, and unexpected checks taken home. It felt good. I felt appreciated. Some of my friends received honors, awards, and checks too. I have some good friends and I'm very proud of them. I will remember that part.

And the Big Blue Bear.


Ruth D~ said...

You're lucky to get to travel. Do you think?
Love the photo!