Sunday, February 1, 2009

It Was A Good Day

I have spent several years whining about my birthday. Today is my birthday and it has been a great day. My Dad remembered so that was huge. My mother-in-law called early this morning to wish me a happy day. So many friends have left me messages on Facebook and on email. I am such an attention whore on my birthday!

I was told by my kids that they had a surprise and that I should be ready by noon. And I should look cute. I'm not sure how most aging moms interpret cute but I took it to mean I could not wear sweats and I should probably take a shower.

My daughter and her boyfriend whisked us away in her jeep and we met up with my son and his roommate at a local restaurant where we went to brunch. They gave me funny cards that made us all laugh and two bags of Peanut M&Ms - my favorite candy. I drank champagne. The waiter flirted with me . . . it was kinda awkward. At first I thought it was just me but then all the kids mentioned it afterwards. "Dang Mom, he was looking to see if you had a ring on" and "Wow, if he had gotten any closer he would have had to brush his teeth". But the food was great even though it was way too expensive. We had fun. Happy Birthday to Me!

The other good thing - it's the Superbowl and I love the Superbowl. My pick in today's game is the Steelers but my reasons have more to do with family ties than football statistics.

Kevin Greene, who played defense for the Steelers for many years, is a very old family friend. He and I are not close, haven't seen him since I was about 12. But my parents have been friends with his parents since I was about 6 years old and his brother Keith was the first boy I ever kissed.

My youngest sister dated Rocky Bleier's son about 12 or 13 years ago when my parents lived in Pittsburgh. Rocky played during the 70's and is the Steelers 4th all time leading rusher. After a few years together in Pittsburgh, my sister and his son moved to California together and then went their separate ways but still remain friends.

I usually pull for the underdog but in this case there are "family ties". And I have always been a Steelers fan since the days of Franco Harris, Terry Bradshaw, and Mean Joe Green. So you can see, I must pull for Pittsburgh. Go Steelers! Let's get a Superbowl win for my birthday!


storypeople said...

Am embarrassed at and sorry for missing your birthday. I LOVE birthdays. Mostly because I love singing Happy Birthday. It's a great great tune!

It sounds like you had a very special and happy day AND a Steelers win. (If it's not the Bears or the Cowboys, our loyalty's totally for sale. Ha.) Can it get better than that? Happy be-lateds!!