Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Toilet Paper Tuesday

It's kind of weird how much of my thoughts center on toilet paper. What does that say about me?

One of my first posts on this blog was about toilet paper. And every time I am in a public restroom, I vow that I will write another Toilet Paper Testimonial with more thoughts on giant toilet paper rolls that stick so far out from the wall that they rest on your legs.

I think this recurring theme in my life can be traced back to early high school. Here is a secret alert . . . I was suspended from Gar-field High School for stealing a case of 360 rolls of toilet paper. I would not lie to you. But of course there is an explanation.

Way back in the mid 70's, some friends and I had been practicing to become juvenile delinquents by toilet papering other friends houses. We had gotten pretty good at it. We were on a perpetual hunt for more rolls.

I played on the girls basketball team and my best friend, Luanne, was a cheerleader. At an away game at a rival school, Luanne and I noticed that a closet just outside the locker room had a door that was slightly ajar and inside was the motherload . . . cases and cases of toilet paper!

We formulated a plan. I don't really remember just how we did it but we managed to empty a whole giant case of rolls into our bags and snuck them out to our cars. Then we went out to play the game and cheer, giggling at the thought of our nights of rolling to come.

I'm really not sure how we got caught. All I remember is that we were called to the principal's office the next morning and told how much we had embarrassed our school, how we were stealing (for some reason we never thought we were stealing - go figure), and how we would be calling our parents to tell them we were suspended for a day and not allowed to play or cheer at the next game.

It was all really quite embarrassing. But it helped us realize that we really didn't like being juvenile delinquents. That whole "bad girl" image was a little overrated. And it made people REALLY mad at you.

So I guess Karma has been following me on the toilet paper trail ever since. Now you know.


Andie, aka Andemonium said...

I have two comments. First, the whole "bad girl image" really isn't THAT overrated...it's actually kind of fun, I would know. Second, you stole one case of toilet paper and you think karma has doomed you? Hardly. Using that logic, I'd be completely screwed...for life! :)

Katie said...

I think it's a great story!!! I stole one roll one time when we were staying in a condo at the beach when I was in college. We wanted to use our money for beer instead of tp, so when we went to a restaurant and there was a spare roll in each stall, us gals took the spare rolls and put them between our legs under our sundresses and waddled to the car, making krinkling noises all the way!

Wanda said...

Oh My goodness, there must be a 1000 T.P. stories. Didn't we all TP someones house..... I can't remember where we got the toilet paper...I probably stole it, and blocked it from my memory!!

Thanks for taking me back....that was fun. Costo would be the place to get it now.....((smile))

Ruth D~ said...

If we pooled the stories, I bet there'd be a market for that book. My tale sadly would be about a child who used to much and . . .