Thursday, January 8, 2009

Step One

As I start down the road towards my 2009 goals (see below), I recognize that the theme seems to be change. Change to my home, change to my clothes, change to my attitude. Change is good.

My Mom used to say she never knew what I was going to do but there was one thing that she knew would be the same . . . that every time she saw me I would have a new hairstyle. She was right, I change my hair a lot.

One of my 3 goals was to become a "Fat-sionista" and to start dressing to my personality. Since it was time for a haircut, it was time for a sassy new do. This hair cut really does fit my personality. My old haircut - the "Posh Spice" wedge style pageboy cut - was one that I liked but I really did it more because it was professional but fun. And practical. And easy. This one will take more time to style and I will definitely have to use more products but it will be fun.

I ordered some fun, colorful scarves, some funky necklaces, and some cute sassy shoes (all on sale) to spice up my basics and raise them out of the boredom basement. I am so bad about looking in my closet and the conversation in my head goes something like this: "Hmmmm, I wish I had another pair of khaki pants, anything goes with khaki. Here are my brown pants. There's a brown shirt. Brown goes with brown. Grab the brown shoes. I guess this will work."

No more. This week I have broken out of the "just try not to look to fat" attitude and added some color. And accessories. It's been fun. And when you feel better about how you look, everything is better.

I am all for things being better.


Katie said...

VERY cute hair! I'm bad about no color either, but my "fall back" is always black not brown. Good for you! Have fun!

Wanda said...

Oh Tere, it's a great cut... and I love the color ~~ that was my natural color before grey!!
I love your lime green and necklace too... I love funky jewelry.

When I had a style like this I found on line some great products called "Aquage" and their "Transforming paste" was the best!!!

Love and Hugs

Bhing said...

Nice haircut! It looks good on you :) I wish I can have a haircut like that, but I don't like it when it's too short.. Well, I don't feel like it looks on good me! LOL

Ruth D~ said...

Saw your cut on Flickr and told you I loved it. How's it holding up in the real world? I'm growing my hair out and it's taking more work . . . and sometimes I'm ready to give up and cut it off.