Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It'sThe Thought That Counts

Well if it's the thought that counts, I should make people very happy this Christmas. I have thought A LOT about the gifts I will give this year. And thought about it. And thought about it.

I haven't done a lot about it though.

I have recently started my online shopping. I tend to shop on line as I hate to shop in stores. I know, what kind of girl hates to shop? This girl. Except online. But I digress.

I spend a great deal thinking about what each person enjoys and try to come up with a creative, unexpected gift. But the people in my life tend to be blessed and they don't need a lot. And if they want something, they buy it. Good for them, bad for those who would desire to give them gifts.

I know people that take very little time with gift giving. The latest candle holder or fleece blanket that a store has stocked up on and then put on sale should be just fine for the 5 people for which they need to buy. I can't do that. It's just not in me.

I have to think about it. It has to be right for the recipient. They should love it. It doesn't have to be perfect but it has to be "them". It's exhausting! And the thought that someone might re-gift one of my gifts . . . devastating!

So this year, I have thought about it and thought about it some more. I have come up with a few things. I still need to come up with some more. Again, exhausting!

Is there a therapy group for co-dependent gifters?


Wanda said...

Hi There ~~ I relate to your post completely!! I have only given thought so far. The trip to Vegas really delayed my shopping.
We are not exchanging gifts with the adults this year. Only the grandchildren. I will make a goodie basket for the adults.

I better get going soon.......

Love ya, Wanda