Monday, December 22, 2008

Cookies and Cakes and Candies, Oh My!

I am not usually a holiday baker. We are not really a family of sweet eaters so it is a waste of time and ingredients for me to bake during the holidays or any other time of the year. Give us cheeses or dips or pigs in a blanket or just about any appetizer type food and we will fight you for the last bite. Cakes . . . not so much.

So why am I baking? I spent Sunday baking two different types of cookies and a spicy fruit cake. Last weekend I made rum cake and bourbon balls. I will do the chocolate stuff - cookies and candies - today and then tomorrow will be the chocolate yule log.

My family is coming. My sister, her husband and their two teenage boys will be joining us from Louisiana and my dad will be coming from the Nashville area. At first I thought that might have spurred on the urge to pour sugar into bowls and add fruit and chocolate. But they don't really eat sweets either.

Maybe I'm nesting. It's the holidays, I am on vacation, family is coming. Hmmmmm, that didn't translate to decorating . . . we got the tree up and a wreath on the front door but little else. Our sunroom looks festive but the rest of the house looks like the grinch lives here.

Whatever the reason, maybe it's just the season. Holiday celebrations deserve holiday sweets. So I am making them. Lots of them. Want some?


Wanda said...

Yes Tere ~~ Even though I baked for two days.... I would love to try some of your goodies.

My son, Myk made his famous chocolate popcorn and it ate way too much. Good thing we joined the Gym....going to need it after the holidays.

Hoping your Christmas with family is wonderful....