Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Call Me Gadget Girl

I love electronic gadgets. I am not embarrased. I am just a techie at heart. I know it's usually a "guy thing" but I have had gadget guys tell me I am worse than them.

I don't have to have the latest toy as soon as it comes out. I let other people buy up the first models while they work out the kinks. But when I see the relevance to my life, I must have it. Some examples:
  • I have two digital slr cameras, a point and shoot digital camera, and a film slr camera. Oh yeah, and a video camera. I use them all.
  • I have a cell phone and a blackberry (now known as the "crackberry") for work.
  • I just bought my kids new Instinct touch screen phones for Christmas.
  • I'm on my 2nd Ipod and my daughter is on her 3rd.
  • We have two Tivos and a DVR - one for each TV we watch regularly. We have a drawer of nothing but remote controls. Only one TV is a large LCD, HDTV.
  • We have 3 DVD players - again, one for each TV we watch regularly.
  • We have 2 desktop computers and two laptops.
  • We have a portable GPS for our vehicles.
  • We have a Wii and a Wii Fit, the only game systems that we have ever really enjoyed at our house.
  • I love my XM radio in my car.
Wow, that was hard to look at. I just love convenience and new inventions, that's it. Is there a Serenity Prayer for gadget addicts? Well, apparently this gadget addiction has been studied. By real professors at real universities. See here and here and here. According to that last article, "There is a thin line between addiction to gadgets and enthusiasm for 21st-century life, writes Claudine Beaumont". So what does that mean for me?

I'm not really an addict. Really. I can put the crackberry down any time. Yeah, I can go without updating my Facebook status for 8, maybe 9 hours. Sure I can. Really. Just don't take my cameras away, okay? Or my Tivo. Or my laptop. Ok, maybe I need help.


Wanda said...

I love it.... Have you see the 12 steps for Gagetaholics!!! You have already passed step one... You admitted it...

You are so cute... I love your posts, and you have brighten my days this year with your posts.

Love and Hugs

Ruth D~ said...

Funny. You sound like my husband. He's always telling me about the latest new gadgets that are available. I'm always saying, "But what's the point? You can just . . ." But I need my camera. My lap top, and cell phone . . .