Monday, December 1, 2008

Broken Hearted

But I don't think time is gonna heal this broken heart
No I don't see how it can if it's broken all apart
A million miracles could never stop the pain
Or put all the pieces together again

From Broken Hearted Me by Anne Murray

How do you tell a 19 year old that her broken heart will mend? How do you tell her that she will be happy again one day? That this is really for the best?

You don't. I repeat . . . do not say any of that.

Moms. We watch as the tears roll down their cheeks and we listen. They lay on our bed and cry. We rub their backs. We listen, just listen.

Inside, our heart breaks for them.

We know in our heart that this is the best thing, that this relationship would not have lasted. We see that she was not truly happy and we know that there is a soul mate out there for her. But her heart is breaking.

She believes he is the only one, that there will never be another, that she's willing to put up with his shortcomings because she loves him.

I can't fix it. Only time can. So they say. I think I disagree when it comes to that first strong love. I still remember what it felt like some 30 years later. My logical head knows it wasn't right for me and that he was not the one, even though I thought so. But my heart still hurts just a little bit. Rejection sucks.

And my heart hurts for her today.


Andie, aka Andemonium said...

Yeah, I told her "Love is never easy". Then I apologized to her for sounding like a fucking hallmark card. Got her to "lol" though! :)

storypeople said...

We love sharing wisdom, but it never works to show someone what they can only experience.
This one hit the empathy button hard. You are so right about just giving support- and all this just after her car accident!
Take care.

Ruth D~ said...

Oh, Tere. I hurt for her, but all you say is true. I think I hurt mmore for you! Not easy, not easy at all, to see our babies sad.This too shall pass . . . but you know that . . . meanwhile, I feel this with you.