Saturday, December 6, 2008

After The Storm

She loves him. She loves him not. She loves him. I hate them both.

Why am I dragged on the roller coaster with them?

They have decided to give it another try. That's fine I guess as long as they don't talk to me about it. I have shared my opinion when asked and kept my mouth shut when not asked. It's hard to watch your child grow up.

As if the roller coaster were not enough to distract me from my work, her wrecked car ended up not being totaled. "Just tow it back to my house" I very nicely, through my teeth, told the insurance adjuster. Then I began calling auto salvage businesses. Between the check from the insurance company and the salvage guy, I got more for it than I could have if I had fixed it then sold it.

However, the new Jeep, yeah, it broke down last Sunday. Towed it back to the dealer who fixed it, no charge. However, the repair took all week. So I was the chauffeur for the teenage undecided all week. Gotta love parenthood.

But the sun is coming out, figuratively, since it is gray and cloudy outside. This week will be better. Their relationship is steady for now, she has a vehicle, and maybe I can get some laundry done.

It's all about those little things that hint to you that normal is returning. Today, I love being able to get to the laundry.


Ruth D~ said...

Argh! Totaled would have been so much easier. But look at the promise in your lovely picture.

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