Monday, November 3, 2008

Red State or Blue State, Whatever!

My condolences to Senator Obama whose Grandmother passed away today.

I generally don't discuss politics on my blog. This political season has been vicious at best and I do not need people telling me how to vote or what they think of me for how I vote. I also don't like to try to tell others what to do, think, or how to vote or to be perceived as doing such. And I feel very strongly about an American's right to keep that private. But I do love to talk politics. And I have some thoughts.

This election has been historic. The use of technology, the changing voter, the way the media has covered the campaigns, the influence of Saturday Night Live and the Daily Show.

I have been more interested in this election than in any in the past 30 years since I became able to vote. I have never watched a debate in it's entirety in my life. I watched all the televised debates with fascination. And with my daughter. Without tying her to her chair.

I have been so impressed with my daughter and her friends. They know where each candidate stands on the issues. They have spirited discussions and sound intelligent. They leave emotion out of it. I wish everyone I know could do that.

But I am truly fascinated by how Obama has made me appreciate the American people. I sat on an airplane next to two gentlemen the day after the debates at Belmont University. One was an older man, kind of a geeky pencil protector scientist looking guy. The other was a redneck from way back with his trucker hat and cowboy boots who asked if I minded if he dipped some skoal. I eavesdropped as they began to discuss politics and I quickly and judgementally sized them up as McCain supporters. Then I listened. They began to talk about his calm demeanor, the way he handled the questions, the down to earth way he interacted with the crowd. They both said they were originally for McCain. His choice of Palin was an issue for them. His attack ads frustrated them. They were voting for Obama!!!

That is what I am finding everywhere. The American people, stereotypes that we are, are making a statement. Even those I know who would never vote for a black man say they are voting for Obama because they know we need him to regain our place in the world and to move in a new direction. Tennessee is projected to be a red state. It might be, but I think it will be much closer than the polls show. And I actually think it might go blue.

I already voted, well over a week ago and yes, I voted for Obama. And I am proud of it.


storypeople said...

What a nice snapshot of America. I'd always like to think that we vote objectively, on the side of the greater good and the better future. I'd LIKE to think that, but boy ... people'll trick you, won't they? :)