Friday, November 7, 2008

A Rare Moment

It's been a while since I took pictures of my kids. They have grown up with a camera in their face since they were born. So to go more than a few weeks with no pictures is kind of unusual. We see my son about once a week lately and my daughter has been busy at work. Time together has been rare.

The other day, it all came together perfectly. I was done early at work. My son stopped by for a visit. My daughter was getting off early. The weather was perfect. The fall colors were unbelievable - at their perfect peak. They agreed to let me do some portraits. We headed out to find the perfect spot.

It took a while as the perfect spot seemed quite elusive. Where the trees were beautiful, there was not a good place to pose. We drove around for about an hour and ended up in a local park by a lake. The leaves were bright yellow and beginning to fall from the trees.

They posed. They laughed. They swung on the swings. They found piles of leaves and threw them. They pulled on the branches to get more leaves to fall.

We had fun. They had fun. And I got some fun shots.

Those moments are just wonderful. They are also rare. I guess that's why they are so special.


marsha said...

They are lovely. My kids don't like posing but if I ask nicely they usually comply. :)

Wanda said...

Oh Tere, what beautiful children. They both have great smiles. Love the pose, and the trees and path in the background... You are truly a great photographer.

My son will let me post him and his family....but my daughters are not blogger friendly... It kills me cause I would love to plaster their sweet faces on my post.

Love and Hugs

Katie said...

Both beautiful!

Ruth D~ said...

Their smiles tell it all. Sounds like a beautiful day, and all too rare.