Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Love Is In The Details

Thanksgiving is about family. The family in the photo is my grandmother's. Most all of the women in the photo are her sisters or her nieces. My grandmother is standing. My brother and I are up front and center.

You can't really tell by the photo but my grandparents didn't have much. But on occasions, such as Thanksgiving, my grandmother went all out. She pulled out the dishes that were for special occasions - they all matched. They were not china and from what I remember, she got them with S&H green stamps. But they were special and only used for special occasions.

The serving dishes came from estate sales and flea markets. But they were beautiful and were well cared for. And the food was plentiful and tasted so good. My grandmother and her sisters were all amazing cooks.

My mother followed in the tradition. Special occasions were treated with special care. My parents also did not have a lot early on but while they were stationed in Germany, my mom was able to purchase a set of china and some silver goblets. She always set the table with a beautiful table cloth and matching napkins. She made an arrangement with small angel figurines in the center of the table. We used our best manners. Friends of our parents visited one year for Thanksgiving and one of the children surveyed the table once my Mom had worked her magic. He innocently shared "My momma sets the table real pretty too but we ain't got no statues or tin cups."

I cook Thanksgiving dinner every year. I could use paper plates and plastic ware. It would be so much easier. But I use special stoneware in fall colors or my mom's china she gave me several years ago. I use my grandmother's serving pieces. I put a table cloth on the table. I make everyone's Thanksgiving favorites. Does it matter to anyone? I don't know.

But it matters to me.


Ruth D~ said...

You say they-- parents and grandparents-- "didn't have much." I beg to differ. They had every thing that mattered. I can see it on their faces . . . and they passed love of what matters on to you. Happy Thanksgiving.

I haven't forgotten you; I've just been busy, surprisingly busy. I will be back after Thanksgiving to catch up.

Enjoy yours!

Katie said...

You know, today at the store, I thought about buying paper plates for just a moment and then I thought, "No, we need to use the good dishes...it's Thanksgiving!" I'm with you. I'm even making brussel sprouts (yuck!) since my mom loves them. Have a wonderfully happy thanksgiving!

Wanda said...

Oh it matters to me....
This is so reminiscent of my own childhood memories of Thanksgiving.

My mother made things look so nice, I didn't know we were poor.

I use my colorful pottery and no plastic silverware...

You takes me places with your creative writing... love it.

Know your Thanksgiving will be wonderful...cause of you.


Hannah Grace said...

I'm totally with you on having a beautiful table for thanksgiving. My mom doesn't really get the big deal so I'm always in charge of setting the table..there's just something about everything looking beautiful on thanksgiving it's a must!