Monday, November 10, 2008

Autumn and Acorns

I moved a lot when I was young & I still ache a bit at the thought of all those autumns in new & unfamiliar landscapes.


I love autumn. It is right up there with spring as my favorite time of the year.

The colors where I live have peaked and now the leaves are starting their descent from limb to earth.

The acorns have descended upon my roof, pinging off the eaves and resting under the oaks for the winter, looking up to see what they will become. They are cute but they are loud.

I sit in my sunroom, reading or catching up on tv and I snuggle under a fleece blanket. I drink hot tea. I get out my socks and put away the flip-flops. I love my sweaters. And comfort food.

Autumn asks you to slow down. To savor the moment. To spend time with family. Autumn asks you to appreciate beauty.

I am listening.


storypeople said...

Autumn asks you to appreciate beauty.

I am listening.

What a beautifulpost. I think you got autumn's cadence so right. So right and slow and luscious.

Anonymous said...


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Wanda said...

Love the acorn and your hand... What a nice shot.

Your acorns are so much cuter than ours. We have large oak tree but our acorns are longer an no cap!!

Your's reminds me of ICE AGE the movie... and the Acorn Hat at the end...

I'm still getting used to Sunny Southern CA... still in sandals and short sleeves...

I like fleece blankets, and warm socks.... Maybe in Dec.

:) Wanda

Ruth D~ said...

You've articulated all that I love about autumn . . . my favorite season. "And comfort food." :>0 Alas . . . so true.

Love the photo.