Sunday, November 23, 2008

Honda Accordian

My daughter had an accident Thursday night. She was leaving work, pulled out onto one of the busiest roads in town and merged into the traffic. She called me on her cell phone to tell me she was leaving work. I was driving back from Nashville.

She got about a mile down the road, still on the phone with me, and let a fellow driver in a mini-van, who was signaling, into her lane. Such a courteous driver. A few seconds later, the mini-van driver slammed on her brakes and my daughter, after slamming on her brakes, went right into her rear end. I heard the whole thing, still on the phone. The lady said she was trying to avoid hitting someone in front of her. Everyone was fine, no one hurt. But my daughter's Accord is now an Accordian.

She cried. It was her first accident. It scared her. She handled it well. A friend of mine went to the accident site to help her. Thank goodness for friends. Once I got home, she called the insurance company. They are sending an adjuster but advised us that it was probably totaled. No kidding!

So we got on the internet and started looking for vehicles. She used to have an SUV and has wanted another one for a while.

We test drove several pre-owned vehicles this weekend and she tried to make an intelligent decision rather than an emotional one. We found a great deal on a Jeep Grand Cherokee. She checked out several Explorers. She called a friend's dad who is a mechanic to ask for advice. She researched reviews online and in consumer magazines.

She signed the papers last night. She is now a Jeep owner and is a car-payment-making-grown-up girl too. New responsibilities.

I know she has a lot ahead of her. I am glad she wasn't hurt. I'm glad she was able to purchase a vehicle so quickly. I am proud of her for thinking through her purchase. And the look on her face last night as she drove off in her new Jeep was priceless.


Andie, aka Andemonium said...

Daaaamn! Go ahead, girl. Rake leaves much (top picture)? Teehee.

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Ruth D~ said...

So glad she came through unharmed. I can only imagine the horror of hearing it live. All's well that ends well. This is something to be thankful for this year.