Monday, October 13, 2008

What's In Your Bag?

The things women carry in their purses! I always thought you could tell a lot about a woman by what she had in her purse but I had no idea of the interest others had in the same subject.

I recently ran across a Flickr group called "What's In Your Bag?" People lay out the contents of their bags/purses and take a photo. Of course, I had to join in.

The funny thing - this photo has been viewed 594 times as of today! My photos on Flickr average about 30 views each. My next most viewed photos, all of my feet, have 150 views each. The foot people are busy. But apparently, the purse people are even busier. Go figure!

So what is in my bag? Here is a list from the top left side

  • My purse is by Fossil - it is the most wonderful purse and I love it but it cost more than anyone should ever spend on a purse.
  • My pink notebook - for reminders and general jotting down of things
  • Small makeup mirror - I never use this and have no idea why I keep it in my purse
  • My orange and red wallet - holds money and credit cards
  • Toothbrush and floss - I had just been to the dentist
  • My Ipod - it is always with me
  • A napkin with movie times and the movie ticket stubs for "Nights in Rodanthe" and "My Best Friend's Girl"
  • Turquoise wallet by Vera Bradley - holds all my store discount cards and punch cards
  • Chapstick with 45 SPF
  • A pen engraved with my name - a gift from one of our VPs for beating budget last year
  • Keys - work, home, and car
  • Pepcid - a recent development, now all better
  • Yellow "Moo" card holder - Moo cards are mini calling cards with my photographs on them
  • Oxy Clean spot remover spray, purse size
  • My Vera Bradley Checkbook cover which holds my checks
  • Lip stuff - which I rarely wear but I am always looking for the perfect shade
  • A random red ribbon
  • My name tag for the American Business Woman's Association
  • My business card holder which holds . . . my business cards ;)
  • The best lip balm ever from Bath and Body . . . minty
  • Nail file - it says "Season's Greetings" and I have had it for about 3 years. It is worthless.
  • Tylenol
  • A zip drive - I'm a geek.
  • Toothpicks from The Boathouse, a restaurant in Chattanooga.
  • My work cell phone
  • My Vera Bradley notebook (are you seeing the theme here?) in which I write ideas, blog topics, etc.
  • Point and shoot camera
  • Blackberry, better known as a Crack-berry
  • Dental toothpicks
  • Discount coupons for Talbots. These are just in case I find some money laying around that needs to be spent on me, me, me, I'll have a coupon.
  • A set of keys for each of my kids cars.
Despite evidence to the contrary, I am not a Vera Bradley addict. I do own a lot and I like the stuff but most of all I have was given to me by others, mainly my daughter. I have another wallet, a computer case and two bags. OK, I like it a lot.

So - how brave are you? Are you willing to dump the contents of your purse for all to see?


Anonymous said...

I wonder what you chose not to reveal? Sometimes pockets and purses have things in them only the owners know about. LOL

Ruth D~ said...

My purse is a wristlet . . . very small, adopted to prevent sore shoulder syndrome . . . which I have anyway. Have I met you on flickr?