Sunday, October 5, 2008

It's My Bloggerversary

This week last year, I started my blog. It was Breast Cancer Awareness month and I had so many things to say . . . about my plans to walk in the Race For The Cure, scrapbooking at the Crop for the Cure, my mom and her battle with breast cancer and the happenings since her death.

Today's photo is also in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness. It is for Boobiethon 2008 to raise money for research.

Breast cancer was the impetus for my start in blogging. Little did I know that one year later it would have become so much more in so many ways.

This is an outlet for me. I can use my photography and words to share a story. I am not a good writer but I do love to tell stories. And I love visiting my blogger friends to hear their stories.

I have "met" so many friends across the country through their blogs and weirdly enough, I feel like I know them all so well. Family members stay updated. Interestingly enough, the people that I thought would support my efforts are NOT the ones who are regular readers. Some friends/family members read and rarely comment but send me emails. Others read stealthily and later repeat one of my stories to me at gatherings. And I love that strangers stop by. And come back.

Thank you all for visiting over this past year and for your kind comments. I look forward to sharing with you all for some time to come.


Wanda said...

Congratulations Tere.... "This is an outlet for me....."

That is so true in my case too. I love to write, and I love to share and blogging has opened that door wide.

I love your stories and your honesty. I am a fan, and will be back often!!!

Keep telling us your stories.

Katie Carney said...

I beg to differ on one are an excellent writer. Often I find myself with a little smile and a "hmmm" when I finish reading. Thanks!

Ruth D~ said...

Happy blogiversary~

And before seeing Katie's comment I was going to say, "You are a good writer!" Believe it. It's why I come back to your blog.