Sunday, October 26, 2008

Gettin' Kind of CHILI Out There.

Chili is just a part of fall and football.

Yesterday was one of the first chilly days this fall. And, for college football fans in East Tennessee, it was an important football Saturday.

I have always loved football. When I was 12, I wanted to play professional football and truly could not understand why women could not play. I could name the starting lineups and positions of the Dallas Cowboys, the Miami Dolphins, and most of the Washington Redskins.

In high school, I was the equipment manager/statistician for our varsity team. OK, admittedly, I did it to spend time around football players but also because I loved the game.

Over the last 20 years, I have grown to love college football. I lived in Alabama during the Bear Bryant years, one of my coaching idols. I had always been a University of Tennessee fan but living in Alabama and being married to a dedicated Alabama fan, you can get sucked in. I drank the Kool-aid. The crimson Kool-aid.

Then we moved to Knoxville, home of the University of Tennessee Volunteers. Home of Neyland Stadium, the largest football stadium in the US. It holds 110,000 people - an average size city. Everything in this city is orange. I have seen an orange and white checked riding lawn mower. Really. On fall Saturdays, the downtown area around the campus turns into a sea of orange and white and crazy people. It is so much fun.

Yesterday, Tennessee played Alabama here in Knoxville. We are a house divided. My daughter followed in her dad's footsteps and is a rabid Alabama fan. I returned to my pre-marriage dedication to UT when we moved to Knoxville. Sometimes it's better if we don't talk football.

So I made chili - yummy chili. With cheese, green onions, and sour cream. It's one thing we can all agree is good come football Saturdays.


Katie Carney said...

Maybe someday you'll be cheering for my boy in the big orange....

Wanda said...

Oh my goodness Tere... I should have got your recipe when I was in the Chili Cook-off at Church a while back.... It looks wonderful, and I love green onions...

We love football....we watch college and professional...Monday night, Sunday night...when ever its on...!!

Have a great week girlfriend.


Ruth D~ said...

Oh, man, do I love chile. This looks so good. The fruits of a rainy day.

storypeople said...

This made me SO happy!! That's quite the test of something, to have loyalties split.

We are lucky. Half of the two of us love the Cowboys. I'm willing to go along. I've liked the Cowboys before and had friends who played for them and other connections that count, sort of, towards loyalty.

But mostly? Bears fan am I. And the Cowboys-fan-half-of-us - he's willing to go along with that.

We'd REALLY have a problem, though, if say, HE was a Packers fan. Or I was a Pats fan. There's some deep-seated stuff against those teams.

I wish you'd come visit and make chili. :)