Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Clearly Full Of Drama

I have a friend. She is a very good friend. We have so much in common. Except for one thing . . . she attracts drama. I hate drama.

Every Monday (and sometimes during the week) she shares the drama from the weekend. It is always juicy. I enjoy hearing her tell the stories because she has a great sense of humor and it becomes quite funny. The drama never really involves her kids. They are great kids and she has a wonderful relationship with both of them. The drama involves
  • The much younger live-in boyfriend of 5 years
  • The much younger boyfriend's crazy ex-wife and young son
  • The much younger boyfriend's judgemental family
  • The much younger boyfriend's druggie cousin
  • Widowed mom who happens to be somewhat of a hypochondriac
  • Late father's crazy family and the dispute over her grandmother's estate
  • Ex-husband, father of her children, dead beat dad.
  • Other ex-husband, a momentary lapse in judgement who is financially in crisis
  • Trashy friend that is married but sleeping with her ex-husband and her co-worker
  • Other trashy friend that is also sleeping around but is also an alcoholic
If you just met my friend, you would never know that she had all this going on. She is funny, the life of the party, always joking and making sure people are having fun. She is NOT sad or tragic behind the scenes, she truly is happy. So why does she attract all this drama?

Because she is trusting and caring. She tries to help. She genuinely likes people and makes friends easily. But she is not terribly discerning about people. Where I tend to be cautious and have a few close friends, she dives right in and has tons of friends. And we joke that she must have a flashing "counselor" sign over her head. People seem to vomit their problems all over her. I know it's true because I do it too. When I am frustrated or crazy, I go to her.

I am honest with her when I listen to the stories. I tell her when she is being stupid. Nicely. She tells me too. I think at some point, I thought I was going to help her to remove herself from the drama. But now I think she just likes it there. It's her thing.

So I guess I will just listen. And learn.


Wanda said...

Tere: A level of friendship like this is rare. She sounds absolutely delightful, and I'm sure I would like her.

Love and Hugs

Ruth D~ said...

Listen and learn. Good thought. She has something magnetic going on. As long as she's happy, and you are . . . vive la difference.