Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Sun Will Come Out, Tomorrow

I am moving on, looking toward tomorrow. Things are calming and we have all moved on to other drama in our lives.

This week has been a difficult one for my youngest sister. She and her family have moved from San Diego to Lake Arrowhead to Sacramento to LA, all within the last year. A move is stressful enough but when it doesn't go well, it's down right depressing.

Her move last week from Sacramento has not gone well. I hope at some point, she will come out from under her cloud, clarify her thoughts, and put them all down in her blog. And I am hoping she can see some humor in her situation. I assure you that right now, she does not. I can't blame her but everything that has happened to her in the past week has been so bizzare that no one would believe it if it were on the news. Everything that could go wrong, has. Every person that she has come in contact with has tried to cheat her. There are quirky characters involved. Flat tires. Getting stuck in elevators. She sobbed last night. I hope she can one day laugh about it.

The photo above is one I took. The words were given to me by my Weight Watchers leader some time ago . . . about 25 pounds ago. I am not sure where she got them but she said at least one of the 17 words could be used to help you through any situation in which you find yourself. I have this sitting on my desk at work. It has helped me this week and I hope it helps you at some time. And I also hope my sister can see through the fog of her life this week to use a couple of the words. Even if she can't yet, I am thinking them for her.


Wanda said...

Hi Girlfriend ~~ so glad you are making your move forward.

Your 17 words of wisdom are great words to live by and be comforted with.

Your sister sounds like she could write a book ~~~ but when you are in the middle of it, it's not a book but a desaster!

Love and Hugs

Ruth D~ said...

Love the post, and may I borrow the words? And can I add another? Sleep!!

Tere said...

Everyone should feel free to use and share. And I think Ruth's addition is a great one. In fact, my favorite!