Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Drive Time

You all know I spend a lot of my work time in my car as I have discussed that fact on numerous occasions. I have lots of time to think so a lot of what I post on this blog has it's origins deep in my brain, during a long, boring drive between cities.

So besides thinking, listening to my Ipod or XM radio, what else do I do?

Here is a list of 10 things . . . but DO NOT attempt to do this in your own car. It takes a complete idiot to do these stupid things while driving the interstate at 70 miles per hour.

1. Write a list of future blog topics.
2. Look up movie times and order tickets.
3. Write a list of traits that my ideal man would have.
4. Eat. Even Chinese food. With chop sticks. Not really with chop sticks ;)
5. Take pictures of myself.
6. Take pictures of my coffee cup.
7. Talk on my cell phone. Okay, who really doesn't do this, even secretly?
8. Read email on the Blackberry.
9. Play solitaire on the Blackberry.
10. There are really only 9 things but 10 just sounded better.

I want to reiterate that I really am a safe driver. I don't do stupid things while there are other cars close by or at a time that I cannot completely control the car. I do not have a death wish and could not bear the thought of hurting another person. I have two young adult children whose father has died and I have no desire to give them a matching set of dead parents.

Although, I guess this post has taught me a lesson. Anytime you say "I really am", you probably aren't. So I will rethink my actions. I may or may not change all of those things but I will do better. Maybe I can start with no more solitaire.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you didn't put "apply make-up" as number 10!!! Don't even lie. I remember you doing it when I was little, and I'd be willing to bet it's still happening. (This is your baby sis, by the way, but I can't access my account.)

Katie C said...

I was waiting for the "make-up" one too since that is what I do in the car EVERY day! Even on the way to church on Sunday! My girls are going to grow up thinking that is where you are supposed to put it on!

Tere said...

Too funny that two of the people that know me best would think this. Andie - you must be thinking of Mickey. I have never been one to do makeup in the car. My makeup sits on the vanity in my bedroom and stays there. I don't even have any makeup other than lipstick in my purse and it doesn't get a lot of use. Now my daughter . . . another story.

calimountainmama said...

Um...nope. I told you not to try to lie! :) I very distinctly remember you in your minivan - in Montgomery - when I came to visit for 4th of July. On more than one occasion, you were totally putting on eyeliner or mascara (definitely involved eyes). We must have been on our way to your work. I recall being amazed and appalled, even at my tender oh-so-innocent age! (Glad to know it's hasn't continued). xoxo

calimountainmama said...

Scratch that, you were in that brown/maroon hoopty you used to drive back then. ;) Am I right?