Saturday, July 12, 2008

Balancing My Passions

I am artsy girl. Show me anything creative and artistic and I will be drawn to it. I have painted, crocheted, sewed, tried knitting, and created crafty items. I have tried it all but my two favorites are photography and scrapbooking. The two go hand in hand so that makes it even better.

The page at right is a digital scrapbook page I made today. I have dabbled in digital before and still prefer paper scrapbooking but I am kind of liking the flexibility of digital.

The problem I have is finding a balance. I seem to be totally focused on one or the other. Either I spend the weekend taking photos or I spend it scrapbooking. I recently went on a scrapbooking weekend retreat in May. Some friends and I have another scheduled in August. Other weekends I meet up with local photographers to hang out and take pictures locally. Then I get overwhelmed and take my weekends back, doing nothing but vegging out in front of the TV.

At some point, I will spread it out. I will find balance. I have started carrying my camera with me everywhere and taking a photo when I see something interesting. I will someday just work on a scrapbook page over a few hours or even a few days, not spend the whole weekend working to complete 15 pages. I will quit trying to "catch up".

This passion thing . . . it can wear you out!


Wanda said...

Tell me about it girlfriend!!!

I wish I could spread my passion out a little farther...but I'm stuck on Watercolors.

BTW I haven't forgot your cards...but my friend at Kinko's up north has been off work, and I haven't been able to get any of my cards printed..... Hang in there, soon but not yet!!


Ruth D~ said...

I hear you! How much time to spend on a passion is too much. Or is it ever even enough. I feel torn between photography and writing. And being torn sometimes means I short shrift them both. Or it feels like I do. I have so much organizing of digital photos to do. I'd love to know more about digital scrap booking. Never heard of it. Is the beautiful girl your daughter?

Tere said...

Wanda - no problem. You are so nice to think of me.

Ruth - Yep, that's my girl. And you expressed exactly how I was feeling when I wrote this post. Being torn just makes me feel like I can't do either well. And now I have added my blog to this group.