Monday, June 30, 2008

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

All I ever wanted
Had to get away
Meant to be spent alone

"Vacation" by The Go-Gos

My favorite line is the last one. I would never have said that a week ago. I was kind of excited about the 11 other people with whom I would be vacationing. I still love them . . . most of them.

The view was beautiful. We sat on our deck and enjoyed the blues and greens of the Gulf of Mexico. We took a few steps off the deck, onto the soft white sandy beach. We walked a few yards and dipped ourselves into the warm, calm water. We sat under a canopy, shaded from the sun and drank beverages with umbrellas in them. We hunted sand crabs and strolled on the beach at night.

And every single person in the house got in a fight with someone. Yes, as much as I hate to admit it, me too. My daughter's boyfriend and I had to have it out. It's kind of been coming. He crossed a line with me. I love Boyfriend like he is one of my own kids. And when my kids cross the line, I ain't skeered to put a stop to it quickly. Boyfriend crossed the line. I stopped it. And I still love him but it wore me out. I don't like to fight. Argue, yes but fight, no.

My friends Robin and Katie and I started doing these yearly trips about 6 years ago, usually going down for a long weekend. Katie hasn't been in a long time but Robin and I go every year. We added my Daughter a few years ago. Then Robin's long-term boyfriend joined us when he could be off work. Over the years we have added Daughter's Boyfriend and Best Friend and Robin's kids as they got old enough and stretched the time out to a full week. This year my son and his friend joined us as well as Daughter's Best Friend's Boyfriend (who happens to also be Boyfriend's best friend!). Robin said today "Remember when it was just you, me, and Daughter? I miss that."

We really had a wonderful time. I will share some more stories and a surprise in later posts during this week. I am glad to be home in my quiet house. There are no groceries or drinks with umbrellas but it IS quiet.


Wanda said...

Hi Tere:
Glad you're back, and glad your trip was good. What's a family vacation without a few, well arguments!! We've had a share too.

But the beach, the deck, the sand the shades of blue and green water....I'm drooling!!!

Can't wait to hear some more stories.


Katie Carney said...

Next summer, let's try just the women again...I'm ready right now. That was one of the most memorable trips I've taken to the beach as an adult and I think of you and Robin each year when I can't go. I miss you. Glad to know you are still the same Tere who isn't "skeered" to let someone know they have crossed the line (LOL). Talk to you soon.

Ruth D~ said...

Summer . . . you make it seem extra special.

Tere said...

Katie - we have to do this again! Just the girls.