Saturday, June 7, 2008

Summertime And The Livin' Is Easy

Hydrangeas remind me of summer. They are my favorite flowers. I have 3 bushes in my front yard. This week, the first blooms came out so summer must be here. I should have known from the 90 degree temps. I am not that big of a fan of summer, I prefer spring or fall. But I love summer evenings.

My grandmother had hydrangeas in her back yard. She and my grandfather lived on a farm in Western Kentucky. They had no air conditioning so when the sun went down, it was nice to be outside in the cool air. The smell of the flowers and honeysuckle in the air was intoxicating. The sound of the crickets and bullfrogs by the pond was relaxing. My brother, sister, and I ran around the yard catching fireflies while the adults rocked in chairs on the porch and talked about the weather, their day, the latest gossip. Later we would go back inside and have fresh strawberries or make coke floats.

Now when the hydrangeas start to bloom and the smell of honeysuckle drifts by, I recall the feel of the cool air, the background noise of adult conversation, and the discussions between bullfrogs and crickets.

I think I'll go make a coke float.


Wanda said...

Tere, if you will go to my profile and send me an email with your address I would love to send you a set of my watercolor note cards ~~ Hydrangeas ~~ as a gift!

I think they are the most exquisite flower. My daughter had them for her wedding bouquet.
LOL: Wanda

Sugar - The Girl Behind the Flash said...

What a great depiction of lazy summer days. I'm feeling nostalgic for that kind of afternoon and maybe a Coke float. Lovely, lovely, lovely photo of the hydrangeas!

I came here because of your 6 word memoir on Cool People. Good one.

Tere said...

Welcome Sugar! Hope you enjoy your time here.

Ruth D~ said...

What a sensory delight you have painted with words here. I miss the simplicity . . . look what we miss with AC.