Sunday, June 15, 2008

Shhhh . . . It's Green Outside

Summer, in the early evening. Everything is emerald green - the leaves, the monkey grass, the stems of the daylillies.

The temperature has dropped from the mid 90's into the 80 degree range. In the late evening, the air feels cool and invites us outside where I have two green adirondack chairs in my front yard. Yes, in my FRONT yard.

Most people chill in their back yard. I have a deck with adirondack chairs in the back. But there are 3 large dogs and one small dog back there. As well as the tall grass that my son is "coming over to mow" every day.

I like my front yard. The chairs sit under a large tree right in the middle of the yard. They face the house so it feels private. My front yard feels good. I take a book or a magazine out, prop my feet up on the other chair, and chill for a while.

It feels quiet. The green chairs, and all the green in the yard, feels calm. The lush monkey grass borders another large tree, three hydrangea bushes, a daylily, five peony bushes, the path from our driveway and the stone of our doorsteps. It feels quiet.

I live in a small suburban neighborhood on a dead end street. It seems everyone in this neighborhood has a dog or two. It is rarely quiet. But as I sit reading, I look up and trace the path of the green monkey grass with my eye, look past my propped up feet to the trees and flowers , lean against my green chair, it is quiet. Really.


Wanda said...

Tere ~~ You could have written my Sunday Meditation ~~~ You know how to enjoy the silence (except for dogs, and natures sounds ))

Love your feet, that's the way I sit and the other day, I took a picture of my feet, and then said ~~ I need to do another patio pedicure!!

Always enjoy your post, and your comments, friend.

Ruth D~ said...

This is peace indeed, and I'm glad you make time for it. You have such a nice way with words. Like Wanda, I need a major touch up on my feet. Patio pedicure it is. :>)