Monday, May 12, 2008

She Did It

She will graduate. She did it. For those that do not know what that means to me and to her, you can read about it here. She earned her 4 credits + the 3 she had to make up in a little over 4 months. She got up on Saturday mornings, logged on, printed off her work and completed it while she watched TV. She did the same when she was home sick. She took work with her on the cruise. She was determined. And she finished early.

Because she completed the requirements on time, she will be re-enrolled in her original high school on Tuesday and it will be as if she never left. On Friday, she will step through graduation with her friends at a huge arena downtown. Just like she never left.

But she did leave. Had she not left, she would not be graduating. I read recently that in our county, the drop out rate for high school seniors, not everyone, just seniors, is 27%. We are not a poor county. We are the 3rd largest in the state. Is it the parents? Is it the schools? I know the kids feel as though there are no options and they leave. Some get their GED, some never do. No one is telling them, or their parents, about this option. It is part of the county school system but the high schools know so little about it. I called the school board looking for options and found out about it there.

This was the best thing for my daughter. She feels like she accomplished something. She is applying to colleges. She has her confidence back. I know she is on her way to success. And that makes me very happy.


Wanda said...

Big Time Congratulations !!!

She's lovely too.

Ruth D~ said...

Congratulations! One success leads to another. One step in the right direction starts to blaze the trail. Such good news.