Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Where have I been? Why? Did you miss me? I have been on a cruise to the Bahamas. Tough life, huh?

I won a cruise at work back in December. Originally I intended it to be for my kids and me. Then they each wanted to bring a friend. That was over the award amount and did not fit in my budget. So my daughter suggested that I take my two best friends and turn it into a girl's trip. I thought that was a great idea and so did they. We had a plan.

My two friends, Lori and Kay, are "work" friends but it's more than that. We have worked together for about 11 years but have know each other longer than that. We were all district managers together, Kay in Kentucky, Lori in Missouri, and me in Tennessee. We have done road trips together before - the best one was Vegas. If you have ever seen the play "Mama Mia", the three main characters are us. Lori and I each saw the play separately and agreed that we had to see it together so, while in Vegas, we did. Even a guy that worked at the theater said "you're Donna (Lori), you're Tanya (Kay), and you're Rosie (me)." Then Lori got promoted to our boss. That was an adjustment, to say the least. But we make it work.

A few weeks after we finalized our plans, due to some events within the company (scandals, gossip, and West Coast drama), Lori decided she should not go on the cruise with us. It was disappointing but I understood. I asked my daughter if she would want to go with Kay and me. She said she would feel better if she had a friend go. Again, not in my budget. I suggested that if her boyfriend could pay for his cruise, I could use airline miles for his flight and he could go. So we had another plan now and that is what we did. We chose a 3 night cruise to Coco Cay and the Bahamas.

Now, there are people that are your friends and then there are those friends with whom you can travel. They are not always the same. We had fun. Really. But it was not the vacation I planned. My idea of the Bahamas is the photo above - my own personal Corona commercial. I had the moment but it was short lived. I also love learning about the history and interesting areas of the countries I visit. I know no more about Nassau today than I did last week. But it was fun. Really.

In the airport on the way home my daughter said "Do you realize we had no "us" time?" And she was right. There was not a moment in 4 days that the two of us spent alone. She is graduating and moving on with her life. Our times together are changing. We both appreciate our time together even more now.

We may need a do-over.


Wanda said...

I did miss you, but what a great reason not to blog !!!

Sounds wonderful, time with people we care about!